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Las Vegas Adult Entertainment – Find Your Pleasure


Fireworks on Las Vegas Boulevard during New Years Eve celebrations

Home to numerous Adult entertainment venues, many people know Las Vegas as the “Disneyland for Adults.” From the best strip clubs in the world to the numerous adult shows, you’re tempted by an endless buffet of debauchery.

We’ll cover your options, starting with the most mainstream at the beginning, and working our way to the raunchier possibilities towards the end of the article. Or you can click on the links in the table of contents to go directly to any topic that suits your tastes.

You’ll also see approximate costs for each option. The scale is as follows:

$ – Under 200
$$ – A few hundred
$$$ – Several hundred
$$$$ – At least a grand to several grand

Adult Shows

OPM Space themed adult show at Cosmopolitan

Adult shows cater to those who want a unique experience but who don’t want any form of nudity involved. You’ll experience acrobatics, dance, eclectic costuming, comedy, and music, perfectly combined to stimulate your senses.

You can experience in-flight entertainment on a journey to Uranus, or take in an eccentric cowboy musical in an Atomic Saloon. Sounds weird right, well don’t get us started on Absinthe or Cirque du Soleil

The performers are often scantily clad and put themselves into arousing positions, but no exposure, other than topless dudes.

Top Adult Shows

  1. OPM
  2. Atomic Saloon
  3. Absinthe
  4. Any Cirque Du Soleil Production


Cabaret Shows

Fantasy Adult Entertainment Show at Luxor is great for men

Cabaret shows are what you’ll see inside some of the major resort casinos on the strip. These are basically the casinos’ answer to a strip club. They’ll have hot girls (or guys) on stage doing a dance routine in various outfits. There are no lap dances, private VIP dances, or any interaction with the entertainers at all.

We would only recommend one of these shows if you’re a couple who’s not into strip clubs but wants to turn up the heat in your relationship. These shows are also great for bachelorette parties that aren’t interested in the full strip club experience.

The most popular Cabaret Shows in Las Vegas:

  1. Fantasy at Luxor
  2. X Burlesque at Flamingo
  3. Crazy Girls at Planet Hollywood

For the Ladies:

  1. Thunder Down Under at Excalibur
  2. Chippendales at the Rio
  3. Magic Mike at Saharah

Cost: $

Strip Clubs

Private Dance rooms at Peppermint Hippo

Ok, we promote strip clubs a lot on this site. They are tons of fun. We love them. Our current favorite is Peppermint Hippo, the newest club in town and the only one on Las Vegas Boulevard (the strip).

If you show up in your own transportation, strip clubs are going to cost you anywhere from $40 to $100 for cover. Drinks range from around $10 for a beer up to $25 for a cocktail. Lapdances go for $20 at your table, $40 for a private dance, $200 for half an hour, and $500 for an hour.

Want a better deal? Contact us for the latest deals with free VIP transportation included.

The best, and most famous strip clubs in Las Vegas are topless: Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, Hustler, Treasures, etc. But don’t worry, the action is hot and wild and the best girls work at the topless clubs. If you’re interested we also cover Nude Adult Entertainment in Las Vegas.

Cost: $-$$

The OG Room is a secret VIP room styled after a speakeasy

For More Information on Strip Clubs

Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

Learn about the top strip clubs in Las Vegas. Find your favorite, then get a VIP discount and free VIP transportation.

Topless Pools

Pool party at Drai's Dayclub

If you want to watch scantily clad people frolic in the water, then Topless Pools are your jam. These are great for when you want a lazy day in the sun with a cocktail and nice scenery.

The best topless pools are:

Cost: $-$$$$

Adult Shops

Hustler Hollywood Adult Shop

There are so many adult shops in Las Vegas, the topic warrants a full article, but we’ll cover some of the basics here:

  • There’s plenty to choose from
  • Some are very large
  • Most are upscale and luxurious, not your dirty old man’s kind of bookstore
  • Yes they have that

Some of the best adult shops are:

One of the Hustler Hollywood locations is connected to Hustler Gentlemen’s Club, so you can go take in a show, hit the shop on your way out, and continue your adult adventure.

Deja Vu Boutique is home to an adult show called “Puppetry of the Penis” which is an adult show inside an adult store. Targeting the ladies. Probably.

Cost: $-$$


Alli is a busty blonde escort in Las Vegas

Ok, so we have to start by telling you that paying for sex (prostitution) in Las Vegas is illegal, as it is in the entirety of Clark County.

However, you can legally hire an escort to come to your room. You can’t pay them for sex, but you can pay them for their time. And what happens between two consenting adults in private is their own damn business.

Having said that, there are many legitimate options for hiring quality escorts. You want to focus on girls that offer outcall service.

Cost: $$$-$$$$

Carmen of Summit Escorts

More Information: Vegas Escorts

Las Vegas Escorts

Book smoking hot escorts in Las Vegas to come to perform in your room. Perfect for when you don’t want to go to the club and you like to be in control.


Nikki is a busty hot stripper in Las Vegas that loves to party

Have you ever wanted to bring the strip club back to your hotel room? You can hire private strippers to come to entertain at your place. Again, don’t call these places up asking for sex, that’s illegal. Find a hottie, dial her up and get her to your room.

Negotiate what kind of entertainment you want face to face. To increase your odds, you want sites that focus solely on the girls. If they are big on toy shows, music selection, costumes, or showcase dancers of both sexes, you’re probably just going to get a musical number with very low mileage.

Cost: $$-$$$

Hot strippers in silhouette

More Information: Vegas In-Room Strippers

Hiring Strippers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strippers – 11 Tips to Success in 2023

Learn how to find the hottest strippers in Las Vegas to come to perform in your room. Perfect for when you don’t want to go to the club and you like to be in control.

In Room Massage

Just as you can get escorts and strippers to come to your room, you can also get girls to do in-room massage. In these scenarios, the girls are some of the same girls you’ll see on the stripper and escort sites. So if you want an attractive person to give you a body rub, this would be a good option.

You get to lay down and relax, while the beauty of your choice rubs you down with sensual oils. Get treated like a king in the comfort of your own hotel room.

Many couples book two providers for a sensual massage session for a hot session that spices up their love life.

Cost: $$

Kira is a busty Asian erotic massage provider in Las Vegas, showing off her body in a naughty school girl costume

More Information: Erotic Massage

Outcall Massage in Las Vegas

Find the perfect girl to give you a sensual massage in the comfort of your hotel room.


Green Door swingers club in Las Vegas

There are a number of swingers clubs in Las Vegas the most famous are:

  1. Red Rooster
  2. Green Door
  3. Eden After Dark

These clubs will allow single guys to check them out, but for the best experience, it’s better to bring a partner. Most of the action happens in the “couples only” areas, where only couples are allowed to enter. You can watch, but you can’t join.

If you go as a single guy. Good luck. Unless you enjoy sitting in the corner wanking it while some 50 year old businessman drills his wife so you can watch. Read this review if you’re in doubt!

Cost: $$


Sheris Ranch is the closest legal brothel to Las Vegas

Many people are unaware that there are no legal brothels in Las Vegas. The way it works in Nevada is that they’re only allowed in counties with less than 700,000 people. Las Vegas is in Clark County which exceeds the limit.

The closest legal brothels to Las Vegas are in Pahrump, NV, which is about an hour’s drive. We wrote an entire article about brothels near Las Vegas.

What You Need to Know about Legal Brothels Near Las Vegas

Three legal brothels offer services withing 90minutes’ drive time of the Las Vegas strip. The two biggest are about an hour away in Pahrump, NV.

The biggest and nicest is Sheri’s Ranch.

The Chicken Ranch is almost as nice as Sheri’s Ranch, and their roster of girls is on par with their neighbors.

Alien Cathouse is out near Area 51 and offers a modest selection. Paired with the additional drive time, you’re better off going to their competitors in Pahrump.

Regardless of which brothel you choose, the service is not cheap. The top girls charge for multiple four figures an hour. Our recommendation is unless you have a budget of over $1500 and at least 3 hours to spare, you’re better off staying in town and booking some in-room entertainment.

If you do plan to visit, try to get a reservation with your preferred girl ahead of time. If you just show up she may be booked.

Costs: $$$-$$$$+

More Information: Brothels Near Las Vegas


24 hr massage sign

There are tons of erotic massage parlors in Las Vegas, especially around China Town. The ones that offer erotic massage are generally open 24 hours. The way it works is you walk in, they decide if they think you’re a customer, then you get to pick a girl (or sometimes they just assign you one.)

You then get a crappy massage and they try to negotiate for “extras.”

The problem with these massage places is that they are a prime target for law enforcement. They get rolled up all the time, then have to reopen under another name at a new location. There are private sites that try to rate and keep track of where the best girls are at, but odds are you’re going to get some 40ish Chinese lady who’s not attractive trying to hustle you for more money.

Not worth it.

Cost: $-$$


Friends enjoying a nightclub crawl in Las Vegas

The hardest part is deciding how to spend your time and money. Hopefully, you have an idea of what is available in Las Vegas for adult entertainment. Now it’s up to you to seize the moment and make your move. You don’t want to leave town and wonder, “What if?”

Often time the feedback we get from our guests is, “I wish I had contacted you guys sooner. I took your advice and had a blast. If only I had known years ago.”

So don’t be a wallflower. Don’t fall for wasting your money at overpriced nightclubs. You know what you want, now go get it!