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Las Vegas Strippers – 11 Tips for Success (2023)


If you have images of G-strings and double Ds racing around your head, you’re in luck! Thousands of beautiful strippers live in Las Vegas, waiting for you to make the first move. We’re going to walk you through the steps to ensure you have a good time and find the perfect girl. You’ll learn how to find the right stripper, avoid rip-offs & scams, and set yourself up for success once she arrives.

Stripper Pricing in Las Vegas

What is the price for strippers in Las Vegas?

The prices for strippers at strip clubs averages around $500 in Las Vegas. Strippers that come to your hotel room average $200 per hour, plus tips.

If you check out our strip clubs page, you’ll see that the going rate for an hour at most clubs is around $500. Oftentimes you’ll need to pay a drink minimum on top of that, up to $250 per hour. The strippers have to give some of that money back to the club as a “house fee,” plus tip the security staff, bartenders, and DJ. So you’re really paying for several people out of that $500.

Most strippers that come to your hotel room cost $200 per hour, per girl ordered. They will expect you to tip generously on top of that, so have cash on hand.

This is the “get the party started”  price. Some people believe that this is the “house-cut” that goes to the agency, and if you hire an independent girl, you’ll get a better price. This is not necessarily true. The price is set this way because they are trying to screen out the people who can’t really afford their services.

If the guest is haggling over price, trying to knock off $50, that usually means that’s all the money they have to spend, or they will be a pain in the ass and not have additional money to tip once the dancer arrives. So keep that in mind.

No worries if you don’t have singles, they can run your card or exchange your larger bills so you have some money to play with during the show. Also keep in mind when you order strippers to your room, the larger your group, the more girls you will need to book. This is to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve. It also provides security for the girls as they’re not the only ones there in a room full of horny guys.

Market Rate

The fact is that while there are thousands of beautiful strippers in Las Vegas, there are also thousands of high rollers that don’t mind dropping a grand to spend some time with the girl of their dreams.

In the same vein, Las Vegas also has some of the biggest and best strip clubs in the world. These beautiful girls can, whenever they feel like it, drop by their favorite venue and walk out with several thousand dollars for a few hours of work.

So if you put yourself in their shoes, showing up unescorted to a total stranger’s room in the middle of the night, well, that’s going to cost some coin. For the top strippers in Las Vegas, you can expect to pay several hundred on top of the quoted rate to have an unforgettable time. Even if you’re willing to drop your standards to save a few bucks (never recommended), you’ll still be looking at paying a few hundred over the base rate.

Knowing all this, if you get quoted something extremely low and the girl seems too eager, be wary. It could be a scam or a set-up. Trust your instincts.

Strip Club or Hotel Strippers?

Nikki is a busty hot stripper in Las Vegas that loves to party

Should You Go to Strip Club, or book strippers to come to your hotel room?

You should definitely call a stripper to come to your room if you:

  • Want full control
  • Want a more intimate experience
  • Know specifically what type of girl you’re into
  • Have a nice room or suite at an upscale resort casino
  • Don’t want to be distracted by drunk, loud, or obnoxious guests

We would recommend going to a strip club if you:

  • Have a modest budget (less than $300)
  • Want to see many different kinds of strippers
  • Mostly want the social aspect of hanging out and having a few drinks
  • Are staying in a bad motel or shady part of town (most girls have certain areas they won’t visit)

    If you’re leaning towards the in-room entertainment route, this article is for you and we’ll cover more of the advantages of booking girls to your room in the next section. If you’re more into strip clubs, all the info you need is here-> Vegas Strip Clubs

    Advantages of Booking Strippers to Your Hotel In Las Vegas

    Hot, Wet & Wild

    Strippers can do a lot more in your hotel room including getting fully nude. All of the most famous strip clubs in Las Vegas are topless. Topless strip clubs include Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, Hustler, Treasures, etc. And the fully nude clubs aren’t as good. So if you want fully nude adult entertainment, hiring a stripper to join you in your hotel is the way to go.

    Do you want to watch two hot strippers take a bubble bath in the fantastic jacuzzi tub in your suite? No problem! Try getting that at a club.

    Want girl-on-girl action? Or want to watch girls play with sex toys? You can get all that in the privacy of your luxury suite.

    Even better, there aren’t house rules or bouncers telling you what you can and can’t do. If the girl is into you and wants you to grab her, or more, that’s totally fine. Just be respectful and a gentleman and you’ll be surprised how open the girls are to your companionship.


    Even though we offer an amazing limo service free with our VIP strip club packages, sometimes you just want to stay where you’re comfortable.

    If you have a nice hotel room with an amazing view and upscale amenities, why bother with the hassle of getting in a limo to go to a club where you’re no longer in control? They play the music the owner wants them to play. It may be smoky. The club may be crowded with people invading your personal space.

    When you have the strippers come to your room, you get to set the environment, you control how many people are there, what kind of music is playing, and how loud.

    In short, you get to make the experience exactly as you wish.

    Stripper Selection

    Even the biggest clubs only have a couple of hundred exotic dancers working each night. And the hottest ones will be unavailable most of the night as they are spending all their time in the private VIP rooms with big spenders.

    If you’re hiring a stripper to come to your hotel room here in Las Vegas, well, there are thousands of girls to choose from.

    You can get exactly the type of girl you desire, without having to turn down every girl that asks you for a dance that you find unattractive.


    Even if you get a sweet package deal to visit a strip club, it may be more economical to hire a private stripper to perform in your hotel room.

    You can buy a bottle and your favorite mixers for under $50, so if you plan on having more than just a few drinks, this will be much cheaper than a strip club. Yeah, you’ll get your first two drinks at the strip club for free, but after that, mixed drinks will run you at least $10-$20 a pop.

    For example, let’s say you have 5 guys and you do the $40 VIP package to a Vegas strip club. Each of you buys two additional drinks at $15 a pop, and everyone buys two private dances.

    That’s almost $700 dollars total at most clubs. For that price, you could get two strippers to your room, buy two bottles and still have a few hundred dollars left over to tip the girls.


    If you have a nice hotel room with an amazing view and upscale amenities, why bother with the hassle of getting in a limo to go to a club where you’re no longer in control?

    The strip clubs play the music the owner wants them to play. It may be smoky. The club may be crowded with people invading your personal space.

    When you have the strippers come to your hotel room, you get to set the environment, you control how many people are there, what kind of music is playing, and how loud.

    In short, you get to make the experience exactly as you wish.

    Maybe you prefer soft jazz or classical music. Professional strippers can make any music sexy.

    If you want to smoke you can smoke.  If you don’t like smoke, you won’t have to breathe in the hookah billows from the bachelor party two tables away.

    The bottom line, when you hire strippers to your room, you’re in control.


    Important Information About Booking Strippers in Las Vegas

    It is 100% LEGAL to hire strippers to come to your hotel and entertain in the privacy of your room. What happens between two consenting adults in private is your own damn business.

    You should also know, that prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas, which is a common misperception. The legal brothels are all located in smaller counties and the nearest ones are over an hour’s drive away.

    Why is this important? Well when you call the stripper or agency to make a booking, you cannot solicit sexual services.

    If you call up and ask how much for a sexual act, you are soliciting, which is illegal. Likely, they will hang up. Your number may be blocked.

    The correct way is to always be a gentleman. Call up your favorite stripper and book a “party” for a set amount of time. When the girl arrives, let her know what kind of party you’re looking for and negotiate the details.

    Getting Started

    Finding Quality Vegas Strippers

    Your first challenge is to find strippers that fit your tastes. There are a number of sites that have stripper listings in Las Vegas. But first you need to master the art of spotting fake profiles.

    Most of the directory sites with thousands of listings will have an option for providers to “verify” in order to earn a trusted badge on their profile pic and page. Unfortunately, there are no sites that list what date the girl verified. You’ll have girls that verified 7 years ago using the same pics (we know because we check the listings daily). So you have no idea if the girl that shows up has put on 100lbs, picked up a meth habit, or just let herself go. So if you’re into surprises, the directory sites are the way to go!

    Having said that, you can get a pretty good idea if a profile is legit or not by looking for the following:

    1. Does the girl look cover model gorgeous? Does she look like she could be earning millions as a social media influencer? If so, probably not the girl who will show up at your door.
    2. Are there any hints that the photo is really old? Like a selfie with an iPhone that’s 4 generations old? Outdated hairstyles, clothes, accessories? If so, she may be who shows up, but her profile pic is a time capsule from the past.
    3. Are there any shots that show her in a Las Vegas resort,  room, or event? If not she probably doesn’t work in Las Vegas and won’t be who shows up.
    4. Does the profile only show one or two pictures? Or multiple pictures in the same location or the same outfit? Or are there a variety of pictures that look to be at different times and places? The more variety in her profile pictures usually increases the likelihood the profile is real.
    5. Does anything else feel off? Like an over-edited photo? Unreasonable pricing? Asking for a deposit to show up? Requesting your photo and additional info you’re not comfortable sharing? Trust your instincts and move on!

    Final Check

    You can use Google Lens to search for their image online. If they are using a famous model’s picture, you’ll see thousands of matches. That’s your clue that the profile is bogus.

    If all this sounds like a pain in the ass, it is, which is why we’re sharing our experience with you. It’s much easier to call a legit stripper so you know the girl is real and you’re not going to be disappointed when they show up!

    Shayla likes to dance and is a top stripper in Las Vegas

    Popular Stripper Sites

    • HSLV – Our favorite, the girls are legit and professional
    • Bonepage
    • 2backpage
    • Eros – stick to verified profiles but be sure to get a video call to make sure she’s legit

    Contacting Strippers

    So you’ve found your perfect girl and are convinced she’s the one! What to do now? Most profiles will list their preferred method of contact, and you should respect their wishes.

    Having said that, the quickest and easiest way to lock in a date is to CALL. Why? Because legit strippers will answer their phones and book you immediately. They get thousands of spam emails, texts, and chats all day from all sorts of people, including bots, scammers, and kids playing pranks. When you call they can hear your voice and quickly establish if you’re bullshitting them or a legit client.

    You should use your real phone number or hotel phone number so they know you are a real person. A lot of strippers won’t even answer blocked calls, and yes they can tell if you’re using a burner number. This is for their safety and to avoid wasting time running all over town for fake dates.

    If you use the hotel phone they will need to know the room number as well as the FIRST and LAST name that the room is booked under. WHY? Because the hotel won’t patch their call through without this information. It also makes it easier to get to your room if they know which one.

    Preparing for Your Stripper to Arrive

    Once you’ve booked your stripper, it’s time to get ready for their arrival. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you have a great time.

    1. Make sure your ringer/notifications are turned on and that you can hear them. The stripper will need to contact you once she arrives. If you miss her call/texts/messages, eventually she’ll leave and not be super happy about it.
    2. Tidy your hotel room. Nobody wants to enter a room with dirty underwear strewn on the floor. Check to make sure the toilet has been flushed. Wipe the toothpaste off the washbasin. You want to set the impression that you are a well put together and tidy gentleman, not the dirty dirty dog we all know you truly are.
    3. Take a shower. Las Vegas is in a desert so if you’ve done anything at all, you’re probably sweaty.
    4. Brush your teeth. You don’t want your girl to curdle when she smells your breath.
    5. Put on a light fragrance, you don’t want to overwhelm her, just let her know that you are a man of taste.
    6. Put on some light music
    7. Mix yourself a drink
    8. Kick back and relax. You’re going to have a great time!

    Avoiding Scams

    Book Strippers from a Reputable Source

    The best way to avoid being scammed is to hire from a reputable provider. These legitimate businesses want to make sure you have a great time and become repeat customers.

    If you freestyle on classified sites or take the advice of someone who is only looking to make a quick buck such as a doorman, promoter, or host, you’re risking getting scammed, wasting your time, or both.

    There’s nothing worse than being excited and ready for your babe to show up, only to realize she’s not up to your standards. Now you have to start the whole process over again. It’s a total bummer.


    Never pay upfront. Only pay when you see the girl in person and approve of her. This includes deposits, booking fees, or any money required before you meet the stripper face-to-face.

    There are a lot of scammers who impersonate hot strippers and will ask for a small deposit of $50 to book the show. They’ll take your money but nobody ever shows up and when you try to call back they’ll say “she’s on the way” over and over until you give up. Or they’ll outright ghost you. So just don’t pay any upfront money.

    Taking Advice from a Street Promoter, Limo, Uber, or Lyft Driver

    Street Promoters, doormen, and drivers in Las Vegas play all the angles to get as much money from you, the tourist, as possible. This includes sending you to sub-par venues and suggesting girls that pay them the most money.

    Again, they don’t have a website or a business you can review if things go sour. Once they have your money, they’re off into the night, never to be seen again.

    Are all promoters and drivers scammers or bad actors? No, of course not. But why take the chance when you don’t have to?

    Getting Strippers to Your Room from Strip Clubs

    Thinking logically, one might assume that strip clubs are a great place to find strippers willing to perform in your hotel room. And yes it can be done, but a few things to consider.

    Hot girls can earn several thousand dollars a night dancing in a club. They are surrounded by security and managers if the customers give them any issues. They have regulars they can count on for easy cash. They get drinks mixed by world-class bartenders. The music is good.

    Why would they risk all that for a few hundred dollars, only to be holed up in a hotel room, totally insecure, and have no idea what they’re getting into? Most of them will pass.

    Secondly, the club depends on those girls for revenue. They bring in the customers, they keep the customers in the building, and the girls all pay a house fee. Guess what happens if they find out you are trying to poach their girls and get them back to your room for a private show?

    • You’ll be asked to leave.
    • You may be 86’d from the club.
    • The dancer will get in some form of trouble, and totally is not going to show up.

    Additional Tips for Booking Las Vegas Strippers

    Hiring a stripper in Las Vegas presents a lot of challenges, so if you’re just visiting, here are a few pointers to make sure you have a great time.

    1. Hire from a legit stripper agency. If you roll the dice on classified sites and get ripped off, you were warned!
    2. Prioritize quality. Ensure you have a good time by getting the girls you want with no surprises!
    3. If you are unhappy with the girl that shows up to your room for any reason, politely decline. Call the provider back and they will happily send another until you are happy.
    4. Prostitution is legal in Nevada at licensed establishments. There are NO, NONE, ZIP, ZERO licensed establishments in Las Vegas. The nearest brothels to Las Vegas are about an hour’s drive away, but they have a decent free limo service. There is a sports bar and hotel there, so if you need to spend the night, no big deal.
    5. Having said that, consensual sex between two adults is legal as long as money is not used to influence consent. If you hire a private stripper to come to your room, do not try to exchange money for sex. That is prostitution. Tip generously for her dances, act like a gentleman, and maybe the luck of Vegas will shine on you. Be smart. Don’t break the law. We don’t want you to go to jail. We don’t endorse prostitution. So stay safe.

    Final Thoughts

    Booking a beautiful stripper in Las Vegas makes your trip exciting and memorable. You just need to know how to do it right. You don’t want to waste time pouring through fake directory profiles. You don’t want to have to reject girls who show up and look nothing like the one you booked. You don’t want to get ripped off or scammed.

    If you read this far, and follow our advice, you’re going to have an amazing time. Hopefully, your dream girl is soon on her way and you’re freshly showered, enjoying a drink, and anticipating an unforgettable night.