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Adult Massage Services in Las Vegas

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Adult massage is a popular form of sex tourism in Las Vegas. While sex work is legal in Nevada at licensed establishments, you must visit a legal brothel.

Las Vegas resides in Clark County, which excludes this region from legal sex work due to population size.

You can however get a legal adult massage in Las Vegas, you can’t exchange money for sexual services. This includes happy-ending massages.

If you want to learn how to book an adult massage, have a good experience, and minimize your chances of getting in trouble, read on.

Types of Adult Massage

There’s a few different types of naughty massage offered in Las Vegas. They all fall under the umbrella of erotic massage, the difference is in the sub-types.


Some of the establishments that offer sex work claim to offer Reki which is described as:

Reiki therapy is a way of guiding energy throughout the body to promote the recipient’s self-healing abilities, according to theNational Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). The Reiki belief system and that of the practitioner is that they don’t cause the healing, nor are they the source of that healing energy; they’re a channel for the energy — similar to the way a garden hose acts as a channel for water, according to a past review.


Your odds are a coinflip whether your Reki salon is true to the original methods or is using it as a front for sex work.


Nuru massage also known as body glide, or body-to-body massage, is where the practitioner incorporates very slippery oil. and used their entire body as the contact surface instead of just their hands, feet, and elbows. Body glide creates a mess, so you’ll want a shower afterward. Profiles offering Nuru are more often than not offering more than just a massage.

Most legal brothels offer a massage suite specifically for this purpose. Easy cleanup for the venue and the client with an in-room shower.

For more information:

Las Vegas Nuru Massage


The third common subtype is Tantra massage, which blends Eastern mysticism healing techniques and happy endings. There are a few real tantric practitioners in town, but the only place you can legally get a tantra massage is at the brothels.

For more information:

Tantra Massage in Las Vegas: Complete Guide

Oasis Foot Spa was a front for an adult massage spa in Las Vegas that got busted

Adult Massage Parlors

If you spend any time driving around Las Vegas, especially near China Town, you’ll see all sorts of spas and parlors. Some of these businesses operate in a grey area where they don’t advertise sexual services, but if you know where to go, how to dress, and how to act, you can get anything from a hand job to full intercourse.

Some front as massage spas, and others operate as foot-massage joints.

There are two important things to know about these establishments:

  1. The girls will NOT be the hotties you see advertised. Expect an unattractive Chinese lady in her 40s to be your masseuse. She won’t be particularly polite, the English will be broken, and the primary topic will be more money.
  2. These places are prime candidates for raids by law enforcement. They get shut down all the time. The operator receives a fine and punishment. They then move on to another location, open under a new name, and try to stay open for as long as possible before they get busted again.

As you’ve probably already decided, you should avoid the spa and parlor businesses altogether.

For more information:

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fake profile on AdultSearch with AI generated images
We're seeing lots of fake profiles pop up on classified sites like Adult Search with AI generated images. Beware

Adult Massage Directories, Classifieds, & Agencies

There are many directories of adult massage providers, along with classified sections showcasing profiles of all the providers.

The most popular are:


Adult Search – Seeing a lot of AI-Generated pictures lately. Their editorial team needs to kill this quick or the site will be worthless

Mojovillage – WARNING! This site is not secure. Your ISP and others can see you are visiting this site, and intercept your traffic. Not recommended.

Here’s the problem

Even the verified girls won’t look like their photos 95% of the time. The photos will either be old, another person, or retouched. So what usually happens is you have to go through 5-10 bookings, wait for the girl to arrive, and reject her until someone you like finally shows up.

Just keep in mind each girl will take at least an hour between you calling the ad, negotiating, and her arrival. So this process can be very frustrating and time-consuming.

If the girl is smoking hot, shows up, AND matches her picture, the rate advertised on the profile will be the “get them to call” price. Once she’s standing in front of you and your imagination is racing, that’s when she lets you know that it costs 2-3x the rate posted.

Most horny guys, who have just wasted all night turning down low-quality girls will say ‘screw-it’ and give her the money. It’s a huge headache to call another 10 girls hoping to get lucky.

You need to know a lot of acronyms and jargon to understand what each provider offers. For more information on sex abbreviations and jargon, check out our list:

Sex Glossary – Common Terms & Abbreviations

Sexual conquest posts from an adult massage enthusiast

Adult Massage Communities & Forums

Just as many classified sites showcase all the body rub girls available in town, many enthusiasts frequent forums and communities dedicated to sharing their experiences. The hottest topics are

  • Sexual “conquest” stories where enthusiasts brag about their performance and skill in seducing a girl who gives hand jobs for money to give them a hand job… for money.
  • Which girls are great, how big their tits are and how tight is their pussy? Enthralling, to say the least.
  • Which spa or parlor recently got busted by law enforcement and where did the girls who used to work there go to work after they scattered?

They try to use code and other methods to keep the community tight, but if whoever is in charge of taking down these establishments doesn’t have an aged profile, we’d be shocked. It’s just too easy. People are paying good money to unknowingly rat out every good operation in town. It’s just dumb.

It Gets Worse

The agency and parlor owners have big money on the line. So it’s worth their time to create multiple “enthusiast” profiles and ingratiate themselves into the community. Instead of overtly spamming positive comments about their business, they are smart. They will use subtle clues to discredit their competitors. They will occasionally give themselves a good review with just enough negative feedback to seem plausible.

If you’re an agency owner you erode trust in your competitors and try to increase traffic to your listings.

Law enforcement penetrates the community and gathers insider information on who to bust next.

These sites end up overrun by the very people the mongers want to avoid.

In short, these sites are useless, unless you’re law enforcement and want the Cliffsnotes on which spa to bust next.

But if you want a good laugh, the reviews are pretty hilarious. If you can imagine some unattractive, malodorous, small-dicked loser writing about how he ‘totally made this chick cum 15 times and he was so good she only charged him $350 instead of the usual $400.’

But after about the third one you just want it to stop and need a cocktail.

Anyway, if you’re still interested in the garbage heap, here are the most popular adult massage review sites:


USA Sex Guide

The Erotic Review

Why Adult Massage Spas Constantly Get Raided

I just don’t understand why our favorite spas keep getting busted! It’s like they know where we like to go and then shut it down!


It’s helpful to know that casino resort tax revenue accounts for about 35% of the Nevada State General fund. To the tune of over $1.3 Billion a year. So if you were a resort owner, you’d want to keep guests in that resort for as long as possible in order to maximize revenue, right?

In other words, do you want your guests taking a ride across town to get a hand job in Chinatown? No, you want them to stay on your property allowing your operation multiple chances to monetize every guest for as long as possible.

You Can Check Out But…

As a result, the resorts offer all the amenities like restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, a gym, a pool, a spa, a hair salon, etc. Even if they lose money on some of these features. Their philosophy boils down to,

Just stay here, it’s awesome, there’s no need to leave!

Moreover, if you happen to invite a girl to your room for a massage, that’s okay, at least you’re still on the property. You’re more likely to raid the mini bar or order some room service.

Maybe you’ll fire up the adult channels on their TV system and drop some cash on porno while you’re getting your naughty massage.

Now you understand the money and power dynamics at play, where do you think law enforcement spends their time?

A. Running up and down the halls of a multi-billion dollar resort banging on doors looking for perps?


B. Busting a small business owner lacking the funds for licenses and the legal fees to avoid paying the fines? The adult massage parlors whose customers openly discuss their illegal activities on forums open to anyone willing to pay a small fee?

You guessed it, the small operator gets the attention. So don’t get caught up in a losing game. Stay in your room, and enjoy some entertainment in the privacy of your accommodations.

Just make sure the girl you hire is a pro and knows how to dress and act so as to not draw any attention while she’s making her way to your room. If you want to know how to do this successfully check out this article:

Las Vegas Erotic Massage – 13 Tips to Success (2023)

Sheri's Ranch Pool

A Better Way

If you really want an adult massage with sexual servcies, go to the legal brothels in Pahrump.

It takes about an hour to travel to the establishments, and the drive is quite scenic, going over the mountains and into the desert. The brothels offer free transportation but expect much higher prices than what you’ll pay in town. The girls will be fairly attractive, though not as hot as some of the girls offering outcall massages.