12 Tips for Finding Sex in Las Vegas, Guy’s Guide to Hooking Up and Getting Laid

Whether you’re on vacation or visiting Las Vegas for business, it’s hard to keep sex off your mind. There are beautiful girls everywhere. The weather is hot, so the clothing is revealing. There’s the bikinis at the pool, models on every billboard, and the most beautiful women just about everywhere you go.

There are advertisements everywhere preying on your arousal. So how do you get laid in Las Vegas?

We’ll break down the most common ways to find sex in Las Vegas, including approximate costs, time investment, and odds.

You’ll need to keep in mind your own situation. Are you a young group of guys but don’t have a lot of money? Are you a wealthy older gentleman that doesn’t want to waste a lot of time? Do you have trouble approaching women? Do you look good in a swimsuit by the pool? Assess each recommendation and find the perfect fit for you.


Adult friend finder app is great for sex in Las Vegas

Several apps and websites entice users by offering to help them get laid. You’ll find many listings for girls in Las Vegas. If you have luck with traditional apps like Tinder, you can try to arrange a meetup in town.

Just know that if you’re looking at meeting girls already in Las Vegas, you may be dealing with an escort, as some girls will use the app to hustle guys into town with the promise of sex, and then demand payment to spend time with them once they arrive.

Some paid options purportedly offer “horny local girls near you looking to fuck,” but most likely are full of pay-to-play girls and bots. Your mileage may vary.

Adult Friend Finder – Hookups and flings

NoStringsAttached.com – Casual Sex

Seeking.com– Affairs and flings

AshleyMadison.com – Focused on married men looking to have an affair

The allure of hookup and sex apps is that you can peruse them while you’re at the pool, lounging in bed, or waiting in line at a venue. That way you’re always actively looking for sex, even during your downtime.

COST: $-$

Time Investment: Low

Odds: Medium – High


By planning ahead and scheduling a group activity, you’re putting yourself in a position to meet potential partners in a fun and non-threatening environtment.

Best Group Activities to Meet People in Las Vegas

  1. Club Crawls
  2. Off-Road Tours
  3. Tour the Grand Canyon
  4. Join a Group Hike
  5. Take a Cannabis Tour

You’ll see advertising for all kinds of group activities you can join during your stay in Las Vegas. If something piques your interest, check it out! They are generally quite affordable in the $100-$200 range, so you won’t bust your budget.

The great thing about joining a group activity is that you’ll enjoy the tour with lots of people and have plenty of time to interact. If you’re shy, and have a hard time approaching people at say a nightclub, you’ll be able to showcase your attractive traits in a less stressful environment. If you’re not particularly attractive, you’ll have a chance to show off your sense of humor and intelligence.

Of course. don’t solely focus on hooking up or trying to pick up a cutie on the tour. Look for people in your age group that you could hang out with during the rest of your trip. You want to be able to link up with them later. You never know who has a cute friend or co-worker! The idea here is to have a group of people that you can hang out with and then let the network effects do the heavy lifting.

COST: $-$$

Time Investment: Very High

Odds: Low


Nightclubs are probably the #1 place most people think about finding a hookup in Las Vegas. You’ve got all the pretty people, big-name DJs, amazing lighting and sound, high-dollar tables and bottles. It’s a slam dunk, right?

All you gotta do is drop a few grand for the bottle service and the girls will flock to your table, right? Yes, but will they go back to your room? Probably not.

If you’re an attractive guy and have money to blow, you can definitely pull it off. But then again, if you’re good-looking, have money and game, you can pull it off anywhere. So why drop several grand in a nightclub?

What most guys don’t realize is that a lot of the girls “partying” at the nightclub are actually working. They’re either plants to bump up bottle and liquor sales, or they’re flat-out escorts trying to finesse a multi-thousand dollar client.

If you’re going to go to a nightclub, go to have fun and enjoy the entertainment. Expecting anything beyond that is wishful thinking.

If you don’t mind standing in line, there are a ton of services offering a “Free VIP Guestlist.” Which is pretty misleading. The way it works is you sign up for the list but you have to be there early (before the cutoff at 10 pm).

The clubs use the “guestlist” as a line filler to make the club look busy. If you’re a big group of guys, you will get passed over unless it looks like you have a lot of money or opt to pay several grand for bottle service. If you’re a large group of moderately attractive females, you also get to wait or pay an upcharge.

If you’re a group of hot chicks, you go to the front of the line, and maybe even get a free table and bottle service. That way when the big spenders make it to the club they’ll try to outdo the “hot chick free VIP” table with a more extravagant bottle selection. It’s gross, but that’s Las Vegas nightclubs in a nutshell.

Anyway, it can be a good way to get in cheap if you don’t value your time, but a better way is to scan the line and look for other groups of the same size that you might be interested in approaching. You then saunter over to the group of hotties and ask them if they want to hang out (either at the club or somewhere else where you don’t have to wait.)

Cost: $$$$

Time Invested: Medium – High

Odds: Low


Ok, we promote strip clubs a lot on this site. They are tons of fun. We love them. But they are hands down one of the most difficult places on the planet to get laid. Why? Oh let me count thee ways.

  1. The strippers and wait staff get hit on daily by the most attractive, famous, and wealthy men on the planet
  2. Strippers at the top strip clubs can easily make $10,000 a night for just doing private dances
  3. A lot of the dancers aren’t even into guys
  4. They aren’t going to fuck up their place of employment for a one night stand for a few hundred dollars

Yes, you can pull strippers out of the strip clubs. But the way it usually works is you have to find the girls that are willing first. Step two is to spend $1,000 plus on them IN THE CLUB so they know you actually have money. Step 3 is get their number. Step 4 is setup a date at some point in the future when they’re not working to meet up.  Like we said these girls make thousands on slow nights. They aren’t going to ditch work for less than a few grand. It’s just an ass backwards way to do it. You’re going to spend way more money and time than if you just knuckle down and hire an escort.


Strip clubs are also one of the easiest places to hook up in Las Vegas. Wait what? Yes, you heard us correctly. The easiest way to get laid in Las Vegas is to go to a coed strip club. How so? Well, most nights they have a male revue for the ladies. It’s like a musical number but with hunks in banana hammocks. (Don’t worry guys, it’s in a separate area so it won’t interrupt the show on the main stage.) Anyways, there are throngs of horny females who come to drink and stuff dollars into thongs. But guess what? They’re going to have an even harder time picking up a male stripper than the guys hitting on the female strippers.

The girls trying to pick up the male strippers are facing all the same challenges.

This is where you come in. The girls have just gotten all riled up watching Jack the Jackhammer from Down Under do his dance routine, then got shot down when they invited him to their suite for the afterparty.

As they exit the male revue area, you and your wingman swing in with compliments and buy them a drink, make them laugh, and viola, back to the hotel! This works best if you have a group of guys that can find a similarly sized group of females.

Why does this work so well?

  1. You know the girls like to party
  2. You know they’re into guys
  3. They’re already drinking
  4. They’re already aroused

You just have to come in and help them live out their fantasy of getting railed up against the full-length windows of their hotel room.

Cost: $$-$$$$

Time Invested: High

Odds: Low – Medium


Pool parties are a great way to meet people. You’ve got good music, sunshine, skimpy clothes, and good vibes. It’s a much more casual atmosphere to initiate conversation compared to a nightclub.

Our recommendation would be to use the pool party as a chance to meet girls during the day, then set up something later like drinks and a show. Don’t get too plastered at the pool, as you’ll want to be back to prime form for nighttime adventures!

Also, load up on the sunscreen. A rookie move, especially when it’s cool out, is to think that because you’re not sweating, you’re not getting a sunburn. You are. Nothing ruins a trip faster than a bad sunburn.

If you’re looking for more information and would like to book a day club, check out this article from our friends at Vegas Party People.

Topless Pools

There are a number of topless pools in Las Vegas. If you want to see some babes play in a pool topless, this is for you! Just keep in mind bras and bikini tops put in a lot of selfless work every day, and you may come to appreciate that fact after a few hours at a topless pool.

It goes without saying, the girls at “toptional” pools are not required to go topless, so don’t harass anyone about it. Also, the girls don’t want to be openly stared at, just be polite.

Bare Pool & Lounge

Wet24 at Stratosphere

Tao Beach  Monday -Wednesday only

Sapphire Dayclub

Cost: $$-$$$

Time Invested: Medium

Odds: Low-Medium


There are a number of local bars off the main strip and outside of downtown where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat. These establishments are often more reasonably priced and less hectic than the tourist traps you’ll find in the major resorts.

You can saddle up to the bar and wet your whistle while you scan the crowd looking for fun people to meet. Who knows you might just hookup with a local. Locals love to mingle with tourists for a fling as they can have fun with no strings attached if they so choose!

Definitely check out Golden Tiki if you’re in town and don’t mind a short cab ride to a fun bar.

Just keep in mind, if you don’t fare well at the bars in general, you’re probably not going to have better luck just because you’re in Las Vegas.

Cost: $$-$$$

Time Invested: Medium-High

Odds: Low-Medium


Ok, so we have to start off by telling you that paying for sex (prostitution) in Las Vegas is illegal, as it is in the entirety of Clark County.

However, you can legally hire an escort to come to your room. You can’t pay them for sex, but you can pay them for their time. And what happens between two consenting adults in private is their own damn business.

Having said that, there are a ton of options for hiring escorts that are legit, gorgeous, and amazing. 

If you want to skip the reading assignment and get to the recommended hotties, get some great tips about hiring escorts in Las Vegas.

Escort Websites

There are a number of websites that offer escort services of varying quality.


Eros has profiles from both agencies and independent escorts in Las Vegas. Be sure to click on “verified escorts” as they at least have to submit some “proof” that their photos are real. Pro-tip, a lot of the legit escorts will post their social media, usually Twitter or Instagram, at the bottom of their profile. You can get a good idea if they’re legit by looking at the posts on these sites. You’ll also sometimes see pictures that aren’t on Eros to give you a better idea of what they really look like. Super Pro tip, if you’re going to go this route, be sure to look at ALL their pictures. They’re probably going to look more like their worst photo than their best. So keep this in mind.

Adult Search

Adult Search has profiles for everything from escorts to massage, they even have info for strip clubs and massage. The club and massage sections are completely out of date showing venues that closed years ago, so we’d stick with the escort listings and outcall massage providers. They have verified listings as well, but we’d recommend getting recent photos before committing if you decide to proceed.

The Erotic Review

The Erotic Review (TER) is a website where escorts and massage enthusiasts come together to provide reviews on the various providers in the area. They have profiles built for each escort and the members discuss their experiences. You can’t see much without paying for a VIP membership. The other issue is that there is a lot of astroturfing where competing agencies and providers will create a new user profile and review bomb their competitors. It used to be a good resource but some of the reviews are so obviously fake it’s become a running joke. Useful for getting a laugh, but not very helpful for finding good escorts.

Where to Find Escorts in Vegas

Just be aware there are escorts working nearly everywhere you go in Las Vegas. You’ll see them at the casino bar, hanging out playing video poker machines. If a ridiculously hot girl approaches you out of the blue and starts chatting you up, odds are she’s an escort. Most escorts never drink while working, so babes sipping Redbull or other non-alcoholic drinks are a big tip-off.

Once you’re aware of what to look for you’ll see them everywhere. At the nightclub, at the pool, the high-end shopping mall, basically anywhere tourists with money can be found.

If you spend any time walking the Las Vegas Strip or Downtown Las Vegas, you’ll see hawkers snapping stacks of cards. On these cards, you’ll find advertisements for all kinds of erotic services, from escorts to strippers and massage. Don’t fall for it. None of the girls on these cards have ever worked for these companies. You’re putting yourself at risk if you call. Just don’t.

Escorts Scams

You should also know there have been incidents in the past of girls getting guys back to their hotel room and having their “driver” (aka pimp) show up and strong-arm the client for money. Or getting the guy drunk and stealing his phone, watch, jewelry, computer, or anything of value they can carry out of the room.

While not as common these days, you should still always book from a reputable agency.

Cost: $-$$

Time Investment: Low

Odds: High


Have you ever wanted to bring the strip club back to your hotel room? You can hire private strippers to come to entertain at your place. Again, don’t call these places up asking for sex, that’s illegal. Find a hottie, dial her up and get her to your room.

Negotiate what kind of entertainment you want face to face. To increase your odds, you want sites that focus solely on the girls. If they are big on toy shows, music selection, costumes, or showcase dancers of both sexes, you’re probably just going to get a musical number with very low mileage.

Cost: $$-$$$

Time Invested: Low

Odds: Med-High


Just as you can get escorts and strippers to come to your room, you can also get girls to do in-room massage. In these scenarios, the girls are some of the same girls you’ll see on the stripper and escort sites. A lot of guys like the pretext of getting an erotic massage because they understand that they’re paying for the massage. Anything beyond that is between them and the girl. So it’s more comfortable.

Again here you’re looking for sites that focus on hot girls. If you see male and female therapists, CMT, hot stone therapy, facial mask treatments, etc. you’re probably going to get a really good massage.  Again, don’t talk dirty on the phone, you’ll get disconnected and blocked. Be a gentleman, tip well, and go with the flow.

Cost: $-$$$

Time Invested: Low

Odds: Medium


You’ve probably already read that there are no legal brothels in Las Vegas. The way it works in Nevada is that they’re only allowed in counties with less than 700,000 people. Las Vegas is in Clark County which exceeds the limit.

The closest legal brothels to Las Vegas are in Pahrump, NV. The bigger and nicer of them is called Sheri’s Ranch.

Sheri’s Ranch

Sheri’s Ranch offers a hotel, sports bar, and numerous upscale sex suites you can rent. Keep in mind while they are the closest to Las Vegas, you’re still looking at an hour’s drive to the ranch.

Once you arrive they’ll provide a lineup where you can see all the ladies on rotation. You then take your pick and go to her room to negotiate. Each girl sets their own rates based on the services you require. The girls rooms are quite small but include a bed, bathroom with shower, and closet for their outfits. Think of a very small hotel room. If you want something more luxurious, you’ll be interested in the various sex rooms or VIP Bungalows.

Sheri’s Ranch Sex Rooms

The sex rooms are larger than the ladies’ individual quarters and have a unique experience for each one.

  • Create Your Own Sex Tape Room. You can film your sexual escapades for later viewing. But you must sign a form stating you will not share the contents of the video on social media, forums, websites etc.
  • Erotic Massage Room – You can have your prostitute give you an erotic massage and the ending of your choice
  • BDSM Room – they have all kinds of bondage and domination equipment. But you must buy time from 2 girls to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Bubble Bath Hot Tub Room – Room with Jacuzzi and bathtub where you can relax and enjoy the company of your lady

Sheri’s Ranch VIP Sex Bungalows

The sex bungalows are themed suites that you can rent. They are much larger than the sex rooms and great care has been put into creating a unique experience:

  • King Authur suite
  • 60’s Bungalow
  • Safari
  • Roman
  • Arabian Nights

Keep in mind the rates for the rooms are 4 figures minimum but you get champagne and drinks included. The ladies are extra and must be negotiated separately.

Sheri’s Ranch Hotel

In addition to the brothel, there is a hotel on site. These are separate rooms for the guests to stay the night if they so choose. If you spend enough in the brothel, they will likely comp you with a room. The ladies are NOT permitted to go to the hotel. They must perform all services in the brothel, which includes their private quarters, sex rooms, and VIP sex bungalows.

Sex Services Offered at Brothels

You can get pretty much any sexual service you can think of at a brothel, the only caveat is the lady must agree to the price, and condoms are mandatory at all times.

  • Intercourse – penetrative sex
  • Blow job – Oral sex
  • Half and Half – Blow job to start, finish with penetrative sex
  • Handjob
  • Erotic massage with happy ending (handjob)
  • Breast massage
  • Breast massage with happy ending
  • Mutual Massage
  • Bubble bath/shower party
  • 3 way
  • GFE – Girlfriend experience
  • Crossdressing
  • Lingerie Show
  • Role Play
  • Toy Show
  • Foot fetish party
  • BDSM session

Cost of Services at a Brothel

Basically any fantasy you can think of, the ladies can fulfill. Just be polite, but direct and let them know what you want so you’re not disappointed and there are no surprises for the lady. If you want to add services or change the nature of your party, you’ll need to renegotiate with the lady. So be direct and clear about what you desire upfront.

Brothels are not cheap. They know you came way out to their brothel, and you’re probably horny. As a result, they’re going to hit you with some big numbers. You can definitely negotiate, but be reasonable as to not insult the lady.

Tipping is always appreciated but not mandatory. (Which is a nice way of saying if you don’t tip, you’re not a gentleman.)

If you want to rent one of the suites, it’s going to be a few thousand, not including the girls.

So don’t roll out there with a few hundred bucks expecting to have a great time. Expect to spend a minimum of $500 for most services from the best sex workers. More likely $1,000 if it’s busy and your favorite is popular.

Sex Worker Testing & Safety

Before anyone can work as a sex worker legally in the State of Nevada, they must undergo numerous tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). To remain employed, they must undergo further testing weekly to make sure everyone is safe. You can read about the requirements and testing regimen.

Other Brothels Near Las Vegas

Alien Cathouse 

This brothel is up near Area 51 and is about 1h15minutes from Las Vegas. They have a smaller lineup than Sheri’s Ranch but the ladies are decent. They are open 10 pm to 4 am for walk ins, or 24hrs by appointment. Alien Cathouse is famous for “being that brothel near the aliens!”

Chicken Ranch

Right next door to Sheri’s Ranch is the Chicken Ranch. They offer the same size lineup as Sheri’s Ranch with some good-looking courtesans.

Closed Brothels

Crystal Love Ranch / Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch / Cherry Patch Ranch / Mabel’s Whorehouse /Madame Butterfly’s

Other Brothels in Nevada

The rest of the brothels in Las Vegas are several hours’ drive from Las Vegas, but you can read about them here.

Cost: $$$-$$$$$

Time Invested: High

Odds: Very High


There are tons of erotic massage parlors in Las Vegas, especially around China Town. The ones that offer erotic massage are generally open 24 hours. The way it works is you walk in, they decide if they think you’re a customer, then you get to pick a girl (or sometimes they just assign you one.)

You then get a crappy massage and they try to negotiate for “extras.”

The problem with these massage places is that they are a prime target for law enforcement. They get rolled up all the time, then have to reopen under another name at a new location. There are private sites that try to rate and keep track of where the best girls are at, but odds are you’re going to get some 40ish Chinese lady who’s not attractive trying to hustle you for more money.

Not worth it.

Cost: $-$$

Time Invested: Medium – High

Odds: Medium


There are a number of swingers clubs in Las Vegas the most famous are:

  1. Red Rooster
  2. Green Door
  3. Eden After Dark

These clubs will allow single guys to check them out, but for the best experience, it’s better to bring a partner. Most of the action happens in the “couples only” areas, where only couples are allowed to enter. You can watch, but you can’t join.

If you go as a single guy. Good luck. Unless you enjoy sitting in the corner wanking it while some 50 year old businessman drills his wife so you can watch. Read this review if you’re in doubt!

Cost: $$

Time Invested: Medium – High

Odds: Bad


Cabaret shows are what you’ll see inside some of the major resort casinos on the strip. These are basically the casinos’ answer to a strip club. They’ll have hot girls (or guys) on stage doing a dance routine in various outfits. There’s no lap dances, private VIP dances, or any interaction with the entertainers at all.

We would only recommend one of these shows if you’re a couple who’s not into strip clubs but wants to turn up the heat in your relationship. Cabaret shows are also popular with bachelorette parties who don’t want to go to a real strip club.

The most popular Cabaret Shows in Las Vegas:

  1. Fantasy at Luxor
  2. X Burlesque at Flamingo
  3. Crazy Girls at Planet Hollywood

For the Ladies:

  1. Thunder Down Under at Excalibur
  2. Chippendales at the Rio
  3. Magic Mike at Saharah

Cost: $$-$$$

Time Invested: Medium

Odds: Zero


If you don’t have the time or money to invest in our other options for getting laid, your final option is self-service. While Only Fans has become a popular site for cam girls, it can get costly.

Better to hit pornhub for some post nut clarity. Don’t forget your favorite lubricants and toys from the adult stores. Here you’ll find thousands of friendly cam girls of all types who are more than happy to help you climax in the comfort of your own hotel room.

Cost: Free

Time Invested: Low

Odds: Guaranteed

Affiliate disclosure: Using the above links may provide us with a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps offset the costs of running our site, so thank you!


Positive Vibes

Your pursuit of sex should be fun. Whether you get shot down or are having success if you’re smiling and having a good time you’ll increase your odds.

This includes treating waitstaff and service workers with respect. You never know who’s watching you. A cute girl you’d love to get to know could be standing right behind you hearing you berate the bartender. They will not be impressed if you’re a total dick. Be polite, tip well, and have fun.

If you get yourself into a situation and you’re not feeling the vibes, bail. Don’t bring down your whole night wasting time at a spot you’re not into.

Set Realistic Expectations

If you’re a middle-aged guy with a big bankroll and average looks, hitting the hottest nightclub would not be your #1 option. At nightclubs, while having a big bankroll is nice, the girls tend to be much younger and focused on looks and age as well.

You’d be better off hitting a strip club or hiring an escort.

If you’re a younger guy with good looks and a modest budget, your hotel pool and bar will give you the best bang for your buck.

Work the Numbers

You probably know that you’re going to have to talk to a lot of people in order to find a casual hookup in Las Vegas.

The key is to try to talk to as many people as you can, and go where the night leads you. And don’t just limit your conversations to people you want to have sex with. You never know who you’ll meet in Las Vegas. You could end up befriending a high roller at your hotel coffee shop and get invited into their lifestyle for the weekend. Just keep an open mind, and push forward through rejection.

Hygiene is Important

Make sure your nails are cut and cleaned. Have a fresh shave and haircut from a world-class barber. Brush your teeth, and have them whitened. You want to feel like a million bucks so when you’re out meeting people, you’re confident and relaxed.

Dress to Impress

We get it, it’s hot here, but walking around in shorts and flip flops reduces your chances of getting laid to near zero, unless you’re at a pool of course!

Your jeans, while they may be expensive, aren’t going to cut it either. A lot of the venues won’t even let you in if you’re not wearing something more formal.

If you’ve lived in the desert for a while, you begin to appreciate the cooling power of a nice pair of dress slacks. You can get a good pair of dress trousers at Dillard’s or DXL for less than $100. They will fit you better than any pair of jeans you’ve ever owned, be cooler, and turn way more heads. You can pair these up with a nice button-down dress shirt, or go with a t-shirt under a blazer/sports coat for maximum effect.

If you do decide to go full suit, our recommendation would be to ditch the tie. People will assume you’re working at the venue if you rock the tie.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been approached, just by dressing like we’re high rollers.

Wingman for the Win

Rolling up to girls solo in Las Vegas will put your game to the challenge. It’s much easier if you’re in a group and approach another group. That way the girls don’t feel like their being singled out and feel safer.

If at all possible try to bring some buddies. If that’s not possible, hit the bar, and find another guy on the prowl who looks like he’s around your age (and income bracket so you can afford the same venues!) Then hit the scene with the idea of helping each other out.

Look for groups of women who are similar in size to yours, or bigger, if possible. That way you have a better chance of one of them taking a fancy to someone in your party. The girls will hang out with you all night if one of them is smitten.  That gives you time to work your game on other girls in the party.

For extra fun, put some cash on the line. If you’re the wingman who helps your buddy get laid, you get $100. Or he can repay the favor on the next round!

Don’t Get Sloppy

We all know it’s easier to socialize when we’ve had a few drinks. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. There’s nothing like seeing a potential hook up and then realizing you’re too drunk to hold a conversation.

Most girls won’t even talk to you if you’re slurring your words, smell like vomit, or have difficulty standing.

If you’re hitting pool parties during the day and the clubs during the night, keeping it all in check can be hard. We’d recommend sticking to nighttime drinking only, otherwise, you may take a nap after the pool and miss all the evening’s festivities.

Use Protection!

Wherever you find casual sex, always use a condom. Even if you pick up the sweetest young thang from a bar who looks innocent and demure. You never know. Until you both can get tested and are in a committed relationship, better to be safe than sorry.

This includes oral sex too. You don’t want to pick something up that could cause you issues for the rest of your life just for a few minutes of extra pleasure.

Have fun, but be safe and be smart!