Las Vegas Outcall

What is Outcall?

Outcall service is when the provider comes to your hotel or Airbnb to perform. Incall service is when the provider has a location where their clients come to visit them.

What are the Different Types of Outcall in Las Vegas?

Outcall services fall into three main categories in Las Vegas:

  1. Outcall Escorts
  2. Outcall Strippers
  3. Outcall Massage

While there is some overlap between what each type of provider offers, they all have one goal in mind, pleasing their clients so they are happy. Happy clients result in good word-of-mouth referrals, which means these girls enjoy a steady stream of polite, generous, and well-groomed men who are happy to compensate them for their time.


Why are Most Providers in Las Vegas Outcall Only?

Whether you’re looking for escorts, strippers, or exotic massage providers, most only offer outcall services for several reasons. One, they want to cater to people visiting Las Vegas for business or vacation. Visitors typically have money set aside for discretionary spending and are perceived to be more generous. If you don’t have a hotel or vacation rental, you’re probably a local, or just in town for the day, and don’t have somewhere to stay.

Secondly, the adult entertainers in Las Vegas generally prefer to keep to themselves and enjoy their privacy. By catering to tourists and business travelers, these girls reduce their chances of running into a client in public, causing an awkward situation for both parties.

Finally, outcall-only service means they don’t have the overhead expense of renting a location. This means they can offer the same services for less money than incall providers.

Why Do Some Providers Claim to Offer Incall Yet Charge an Additional Fee?

If you’re looking on classified sites for escorts, strippers, and erotic massages, you’ll often see girls claiming to offer incall but if you read the fine print, there is an additional fee. Basically what happens is the guest calls to book an incall service, the provider takes a deposit, then uses the deposit to book a hotel room for the “incall session.” Basically, you’re paying extra for them to book a room. It’s simply cheaper to have them come to your place for an outcall session. Plus, we never recommend paying for anything upfront. Only pay once your provider has arrived and you’re happy. Unfortunately, there are some scammers in every town and Las Vegas is no exception.

How Much Are Outcall Services in Las Vegas?

Prices for each service are different and vary wildly depending on the girl and what kind of session you require. Again, quality costs money and if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Our recommendation is to find your perfect girl, invite her over, and discuss your needs in the privacy of your room. Most girls will work with you if you’re respectful and courteous. If you can’t come to an agreement, they’ll simply leave, no hard feelings.

What are the Advantages of Outcall vs Incall?

Outcall is more convenient for everyone. The girls know their way around town, have their own transportation, and can get to your hotel faster than you can get a ride to their location, especially if you need to take a taxi or Uber.

When you invite the girls to your hotel room, you’re in control. You can put on music you like. You can set the temperature of your room to your liking. If you want to smoke or drink, you’ve got everything right there on hand. Also, if you’re not happy with the girl who shows up (which is often the case from classified sites), you can simply ask them to leave and find another one. If you’ve driven 20 minutes across town to their location, you now have to either find another one or go back to your room, wasting your time.

Is Outcall Legal in Las Vegas?

Outcall services such as escorts, strippers, and massage are 100% legal in Las Vegas. However, you need to understand that prostitution is NOT legal in Clark County.

Definition of prostitution
Nevada law defines prostitution as engaging in sexual conduct for a fee.

Staying within the Law

It is 100% legal to invite a beautiful woman to your room in exchange for a fee. DO NOT call up an escort offering money in exchange for sexual favors. This falls under the definition of prostitution and is illegal in Clark County. There are no licensed brothels within 45 minutes of the Las Vegas strip. They all are located in other counties where prostitution is legal in Nevada. If you call an outcall provider and start asking for rates for explicit sex acts, they will either inform you that is illegal or hang up, maybe both.

Our recommendation is to find the hottie of your dreams, call her up, and invite her to your room to spend some time. Be generous, kind, and well-groomed. What happens between two consenting adults in the privacy of their own accommodations is completely legal.