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What are the Best Nude Adult Entertainment Options in Las Vegas?

If you’re visiting Las Vegas with a plan to enjoy some fully nude adult entertainment action in town, you need to know your options.

What most people don’t know is that most of the popular shows and clubs in town are topless only. If you have your heart set on some gratuitous full-frontal nudity, what are your options?

Here we’ll break down attractions that are marketed to tourists as being “sexy and fun” but don’t quite fit the bill.

We’ll also show you the best bets for getting the full nude adult entertainment you desire.

If you want to skip to the goods click here -> Best Nude Adult Entertainment in Las Vegas

Fantasy Adult Entertainment Show at Luxor is great for men

Casino Cabaret & Burlesque Shows

You’ll see lots of ads for cabaret-type shows at the major resort Casinos, but these shows are topless at best. Most are very watered-down versions of what visitors envision when they think of fully nude adult entertainment in Sin City.

There’s a lot of well choreographed dancing, fancy costumes, and usually some titties, but no full nudity. Also these are more like concerts than like a strip club. Some people may be brought on stage (for a fee) and get a lap dance from one of the beauties. But there’s no VIP area, and no way to get a lap dance if that’s your goal.

Moorea is a topless pool at Mandalay Bay

Topless Pools

Las Vegas is also home to a number of topless pools, which are obviously, topless. These venues are probably one of the most disappointing propositions in town. If you’re envisioning a pool full of frolicking girls with amazing breasts, you’ll be sadly dissatisfied. First, the pools are “toptional,” meaning most ladies will not remove their tops.

Secondly, those that do go topless may only do it while laying down to soak up the sun.

And finally, as a 20-year veteran of the strip club industry, I can tell you there are very few cases, short of an expensive boob job, where women look better when the top comes off and gravity takes over. None of the girls at these pools will be the exception. Enjoy your flapjacks, mate!

LIttle Darlings 18 Plus Fully Nude Strip Club

Nude Strip Clubs?

What about nude strip clubs? The most famous strip clubs in the world are in Las Vegas, and the names you probably know are topless. For example, Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, Hustler, Treasures, and Peppermint Hippo are all topless.

There are some exceptions, (no alcohol clubs that cater to those 18 and older, like Little Darlings and Diamond) and Palomino, which was grandfathered in before the liquor laws changed.

But for the most part, the biggest and best clubs with the hottest girls are topless only. If you want information on nude strip clubs you can check out this article:

Full Nude Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

Green Door swingers club in Las Vegas

Swingers Clubs

There are a few swingers clubs in town where people get fully nude. But if you’re going as a single guy, good luck. You’ll spend most of your time watching middle-aged couples banging on a sectional while you watch from the corner. Not what you had in mind, right? They also aren’t allowed to serve alcohol at these clubs due to liquor laws.

But you can do a little research and figure out very quickly that swinger clubs are best for swingers, not a guy, or group of guys looking for fun (or sex). If you’re a couple, they can be fun, you’ll be the star of the show if you’re attractive.

But this is another experience that people envision as “super hot and sexy” when reality falls short in almost every way.

Shayla likes to dance and is a top stripper in Las Vegas

Best Nude Adult Entertainment

So what’s the best nude adult entertainment in Las Vegas? Your best bet is to hire a stripper or an escort to come to your room to perform in private.

If you’re a little uneasy about this proposition, don’t worry we have two articles to walk you through the entire process. This way you won’t stumble over any of the hurdles of getting a hot girl to come to your room to undress.

13 Vital Tips for Hiring Private Strippers to Your Room in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Escorts 11 Tips for Success (2023)

Hustler Hollywood Adult Shop

Sex Shops

Another option is to visit one of the local sex shops where you can get all the porn you could want along with all the accoutrements to make a memorable evening alone.

The best in town are:

If you don’t feel like going out, Sexrus702 is a delivery site that will bring all your sex shop essentials straight to your door. It’s like Doordash for dildos. Or Uber Eats for anal lube? Maybe Postmates for penis pumps? Anyway we recommend the “leave it at my door” option so you can skip the awkward interaction with the delivery driver. You know they’re going to make a “big tip” joke, right? Just skip all that.

Cams.com has the hottest live cam girls

Cam Girls

There are a number of cam girls who work in Las Vegas. You can find them on popular cam sites like Cams.com. If you spend enough they might even meet you for a drink.

You can combine this with the sex shop delivery service and lock yourself in your hotel room for the whole trip, we won’t tell.

Adult friend finder app is great for sex in Las Vegas

Hooking Up and Getting Laid

Or you could just try your luck at hooking up in Las Vegas. You know that’s what you really want if it wasn’t so time consuming and difficult. But it’s not that hard if you follow our guide. If that’s more your style check out this article about getting laid:

12 Tips for Finding Sex in Las Vegas, Guy’s Guide to Hooking Up and Getting Laid

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