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Vegas Bachelor Party on a Budget

Let’s face it, not everyone has a huge bankroll to blow on their buddies bachelor party. Many people believe that you need piles of cash to truly enjoy Las Vegas.

Locals will tell you they have a blast and spend less than you would in a comparable city elsewhere.  The secret is two-fold: knowledge and planning.

We’re going to give the knowledge you need to create an inexpensive bachelor party here in Vegas. We’ll even outline the framework for your plan. All you need to do is tweak it to your liking.

Cost Cutter Numero Uno

If you’re on a budget in Vegas, the first rule should be no gambling. Okay, we get it, you’re in Vegas, you want to try your luck.  Just do one thing. Set a budget.  If you budget $20 for gambling, spend $20. No more, no less.

There are several ways in Vegas to gamble for free if you know where to look. The online poker companies all have daily freerolls that you can play for real money without depositing a dollar.

Most of the major casinos have oversized slot machines that you get one free pull per day for joining their rewards program. Just ask an employee and they can show you the way.

The Riviera has a $1 live blackjack table and there are numerous low limit blackjack and craps machines at all the major casinos.

Just keep in mind, if you look around there are several multi-billion dollar properties looking to take your money. They didn’t fund their construction through charitable donations. If you think you have a system, best of luck. The machines and tables are the fastest way to blow through your budget in record time, so again, make a budget and stick to it.

Fixed Costs

Even if you don’t gamble, there are some things you pretty much have to pay for. Lodging and food. There are a couple of low-cost options. Weekly rentals can be had for under $200 per week. These units are just off the strip and have a fridge, stove, and oven, so you can really cut down on food costs.

Another option, especially if you are staying for several nights is timeshare rentals. You can land a killer unit for less than $50 per person per night.

If you’re truly living on the edge, you can always bring your RV, Van, or trailer and stay at a Vegas campground. They have a pool and other amenities and you are right there on the strip.  Don’t have an RV? Rent an RV in Las Vegas! You and recap your day sipping whiskey around a campfire and make an unforgettable trip.

As a last resort, you can always check Craigslist for people looking for short-term tenants to help with rent. Just be careful.

Entertainment on a Budget

If you’ve poked around our site, you’ve probably noticed that entertainment hookups is our specialty. You can hit 3 strip clubs in a night for less than $50 per person, with roundtrip limo, cover, and a few free drinks thrown in to keep the party rolling.

One of the perks of starting with a strip club is you’ve now unlocked free VIP all over town. We can get you VIP entry into nightclubs, discounts and shows, and restaurants, even killer deals on tours.

The Vegas nightlife is definitely one of the things you want to plan intelligently. You can easily blow several hundred dollars for the exact same service a VIP hosting company can get you for less than $100 per person. Just call us, we’ll help you plan the perfect bachelor party.

Vegas Exclusive

Sure you can spend thousands in Vegas and have a lot of fun. Or you can spend nothing and have a blast as well. There are tons of free things to do, and the memories you make with your friends will be priceless. Try visiting the major landmarks. Hell, grab a case of beer and post up at a fountain and people watch, talk to pretty girls, throw a football around. You can kill a lot of time and have a blast if you just use your imagination. Try breaking the party into teams and have a scavenger hunt. Sounds lame? Make one of the items a girl’s bra, and no cheating by buying one! Just don’t do anything illegal, jails no fun here.

Have questions? Give us a call, we’d be glad to help.

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