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Bachelor Party season is in full swing here in Vegas, with a lot of activity around the Labor Day weekend. If you’re looking to plan a bachelor party in Vegas, check out our latest post:

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas


“How to Extract $3,000 of Entertainment out of Las Vegas for Under $300

Plus: The Secret Vegas Club GMs Don’t Want You to Know

You have thousands of entertainment options in Las Vegas, and it’s pretty easy to rack up a tab of several grand. We’re going to show you how to maximize your dollars and avoid searching all over town one phone call at a time. Picture what your perfect 3 day bachelor weekend would look like in Las Vegas. Now add up roughly what you think it will probably cost. Hold that thought while we lay the ground work. Then we’ll let you in on a secret Vegas GMs have been keeping under wraps.

Size Matters

The bigger your group, the more leverage you have to negotiate on prices. Once you get over 8 guys, a lot of options open up, like buy one get one bottle service, free lap dances, free limos, and more.”

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