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We get a lot of requests for fully nude venues here in Las Vegas, so we put together a page that outlines your main options. Keep in mind, most of the world famous gentlemen’s clubs in Vegas are topless. But when topless just won’t do, we’ve got your covered.

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If you’re looking for a club where the girls get fully nude, you have 3 options here in Vegas.

21+ Fully Nude Club with Alcohol

Palomino is the only full nude strip club in Las Vegas that serves alcohol. Granfathered in by county and city officials when new laws were passed to prohibit nudity and alcohol, Palomino is a unique attraction in Las Vegas. Located in the north side of town, Palominos offers an old school Vegas vibe, reminiscent of yesteryear. This club is still world famous and has hosted its share of celebrities and politicians over the years…

Don’t want to read? Give us call and we’d be happy to lay it all out for you.

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