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11 Essential Tips to Hiring Las Vegas Escorts | The Ultimate Guide

If You Want to Hire an Elite Las Vegas Escort & Skip the Reading

Our friends at Summit Escorts offer a huge selection of amazing girls and we always receive good feedback from our clients that we refer. Give them a call and they’ll find your perfect girl in just minutes.

Escort Types

Best of all Summit categorizes their escorts so you can quickly find the perfect date.

  1. Blonde Escorts
  2. Brunette Escorts
  3. Asian Escorts
  4. Busty Escorts
  5. Thicc Escorts

Advantages of Las Vegas Escorts

  • Hot, Wet & Wild

    Independent escorts don’t have a bouncer or manager telling them what is allowed like in a strip club or spa. It’s just a more intimate setting, and as a result, a more intimate experience.

    Maybe you want a naughty striptease or intimate massage. You’re two consenting adults, so you decide what happens. You can get all that in the privacy of your luxury suite.

    No house rules, no cameras watching your every move. Just be respectful and a gentleman and you’ll be surprised how open the girls are to your companionship.

  • Transportation

    Even though it’s pretty inexpensive to take an Uber or taxi to a strip club or massage parlor, sometimes you just want to stay where you’re comfortable.

    If you have a nice hotel room with an amazing view and upscale amenities, why bother with the hassle of getting in a rideshare to go out where you’re no longer in control? It’s much better to relax where you are comfortable and let the girls come to you.

  • Escort Selection

    You have specific tastes and desires. With a large selection of escorts, you can get your dream girl every time.

  • Pricing

    If you opt for a large escort agency there is a base fee that goes to the agency and the escort will negotiate on top of that so that she gets paid. If you go with an independent escort, she will quote you a low price and then hound you with incessant upcharges to “keep the party going.”

    The girls at Summit are pros and make sure every guest is happy with no haggling over upcharges. They have the advantages of an agency such as a large selection, professional girls, promptness, and discretion. You’ll also enjoy the upside to hiring independent escorts: flexibility, no agency fees, and pricing.

    How so? Summit Escorts is a hybrid. It’s an escort agency owned and operated by the independent escorts who work there. Like a cooperative. You get the best of both worlds.

  • Environment

    When you have the escorts come to your hotel room or Airbnb, you get to set the environment, you control how many people are there, what kind of music is playing, and how loud.

    Maybe you prefer relaxing music.  Maybe you like a specific fragrance. You’re the client, you should get exactly what you want.

    If you want to smoke you can smoke. If you want to take a break and take a shot of tequila, you’re free to do so!

    Bottom line, when you hire escorts to your room, you’re in control.

Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Hiring Girls from Classified Sites or Directories

    One of the more popular places to find escorts in Las Vegas is on classified sites and adult directories such as Eros, Adultsearch, and others. You can definitely find some good talent on these sites, but there are a few things to consider.

    First, 80% of the girls on these sites aren’t using their real images. A lot of them steal pictures from Instagram models and celebrities. No, Anastasia Kvitko isn’t going to show up at your hotel for $200 an hour. Sorry.

    Neither is Denise Milani. If it looks like a glamor shot, or if the girl is cover-model gorgeous, she’s probably not going to be what shows up at your door. If the girl is pretty cute with a good body doing a selfie in a sports bra and thong, your odds are much better that she’s a real live girl and will likely be just what you’re looking for when she arrives. However, even the sports bra selfie pics can be misleading as you’ll see below:

    This Escort is supposedly named Monica, but it's actually Abbie Moranda, a famous instagram model, and she's definitely not an escort
    Abbie Moranda is definitely not an escort, sorry Bombshells…


    This Escort is supposedly named Monica, but it’s actually Abbie Moranda, a famous Instagram model, and she’s definitely not an escort!

    You can easily check to see if the pics are of someone famous by right-clicking on an image and selecting “Search image with Google.”

    Google will show you other sites on the internet that have the same or a similar picture. If the escort you’re considering hiring has thousands of pictures all over the internet, or a sizable social media following, odds are she’s not going to be what shows up at your door.

    For example, let’s look at this profile on Adult Search:


    Cute girl but what comes up when we search for the image?

    Fake escort profile on Adult Search featuring Breckie Hill

    If click on the “Related Search” we can see Breckie Hill’s social media profiles. Breckie has 2 Million followers on Instagram and 3.5 Million TikTok Followers. She’s not hooking in Las Vegas.

    Breckie Hill's social media profiles

    If you see the same profile using the same pictures in different cities this also indicates a fake profile. Of course, searching through thousands of profiles over multiple cities while remembering which pictures you saw is a tiresome chore. This is why we don’t recommend the major escort listing directories and classifieds. Your odds of finding a real escort are very low. Most likely an unattractive girl, not the beauty in the profile pictures, is going to arrive demanding money.

    The worst part about the bait and switch is the waste of time. On the directories and classified sites, if the girl shows up and you’re not happy, you have to start all over. Find a new escort, hopes she responds when you contact her, then wait again.

    If you go with our recommendations, you’ll enjoy a much smoother process. The talent is legit, they actually answer when you contact them, and if for any reason you don’t like your selection, they have so many escorts waiting on rotation, they’ll have a new one at your door quickly.

    So now you have a good idea that the escort profile is legit, the next thing you need to consider is accountability. If you have a bad experience, what is your recourse? Do they have a website, yelp page, or business listing where you can leave a bad review? Do they have a business owner who values their brand and reputation? Nope. You’re screwed. This is why contacting a recommended escort agency full of beautiful girls is the way to go.

  • Taking Advice from Drivers & Promoters

    Street Promoters and drivers in Las Vegas play all the angles to get as much money from you, the tourist, as possible. This includes sending you to sub-par venues and suggesting girls that pay them the most money.

    Again, they don’t have a website or a business you can review if things go sour. Once they have your money, they vanish.

    Are all promoters and drivers scammers or bad actors? No, of course not. But why take the chance when you don’t have to?

    Escort Card Slappers

    If you’ve spent any time walking the strip, you’ve no doubt noticed the throngs of escort card slappers. These are the guys and gals with stacks of cards that they snap, making noise, trying to get your attention. If you take one of the escort cards, you’ll notice they have a sexy pic on them with promises of a sexy seductress showing up to your room for a special price of $40.

    If you do call the number the girl that shows up definitely won’t be the one on the card. How do we know? Because they’ve been using the same cards for over 10 years and the pics are still the same! So even if the girl still works for them (she doesn’t, and never did), who knows what she looks like now! Most likely some scag is going to show up and try to hustle you out of a cancellation fee, or upcharge you and leave with as much money as possible. Don’t fall for it!

    But please do collect a nice deck of cards from the escort card slappers, you can use them for drinking games!

  • Looking for Working Girls in Bars

    Don’t fall for the old “hot chick at the casino bar playing video poker alone who wants to buy you a drink” tourist trap. Sure, some of these girls are legit,  but some are scams. And it’s definitely high risk.

    You see the casinos account for most of the tax revenue in Las Vegas. Do you think casinos like their guests spending money on girls instead of on gaming? They don’t. So guess where most of the enforcement effort goes? Trust us, follow the recommendations and you’re golden

  • Blowing Money on Bottle Service

    A lot of guys think that if they spring for a $5,000 table at an exclusive nightclub they’ll be surrounded by hot chicks dying to hang out with them. It doesn’t work that way.

    Save your money. For the cost of a modest table when a popular DJ is spinning, you could have the party of a lifetime with multiple hot escorts in the comfort of your suite. Trust us, it’s much more cost-effective and pleasurable.

  • Be Wary of ``Verification`` Scams

    Some escorts, especially on the classified and directory sites will require “screening” or “verification.” This is to keep the girls safe so they know who they are meeting.

    Some bad actors have hijacked this process and created fake profiles in order to get personal info from prospective clients. They’ll request your private information, then ghost you.

    This info can be used in a number of nefarious ways, including hacking into your accounts. Never disclose information you’re not comfortable having on the internet.

    This is why we recommend CALLING from your real number, as real escorts can quickly tell if you’re a legit customer without asking prying questions.

Making Contact

So you’ve found your perfect girl and are convinced she’s the one! What to do now? Most profiles will list their preferred method of contact, and you should respect their wishes.

Having said that, the quickest and easiest way to lock in a date is to CALL. Why? Because real escorts will answer their phones and book you immediately. They get thousands of spam emails, texts, and chats all day from all sorts of people, including bots, scammers, and kids playing pranks. When you call they can hear your voice and quickly establish if you’re bullshitting them or a legit client.

You should use your real phone number or hotel phone number so they know you are a real person. Professional escorts won’t even answer blocked calls, and yes they can tell if you’re using a burner number. This is for their safety and to avoid wasting time running all over town for fake dates.

If you use the hotel phone they will need to know the room number as well as the FIRST and LAST name that the room is booked under. WHY? Because the hotel won’t connect their call without this information. It also makes it easier to get to your room if they know which one.

Additional Tips to Hiring the Best Escorts in Las Vegas

Hiring Las Vegas escorts presents a lot of challenges, so if you’re just visiting, here are a few pointers to make sure you have a great time.

  1. Hire from a reputable escort agency. If you freestyle on classified sites or visit a seedy massage parlor and get ripped off, you were warned!
  2. Don’t pay upfront. Only pay once you’ve seen the girl in person and approve.
  3. If the escort that shows up doesn’t meet your requirements for any reason, simply decline. Call the hostess back and ask for a different girl. They won’t get mad or ask you invasive questions. Just be polite. They want you to be happy, that is their goal. So be direct and tell them your requirements, don’t be shy!
  4. Prostitution is legal in Nevada at licensed establishments. There are NADA, ZERO, NO licensed establishments in Las Vegas. The nearest one is Sheri’s Ranch out in Pahrump. It’s about an hour’s drive away, but they have a decent free limo service. There is a sports bar and hotel there, so if you need to spend the night, no big deal. Information about prostitution in Las Vegas.
  5. With all that said, if two consenting adults decide to have a sexual relationship in private, it’s totally legal as long as consent isn’t influenced by money. When you decide to invite an escort over for a fun night, do not try to trade money for sex. That is prostitution, which as we mentioned, is illegal in Clark County, where Las Vegas resides.
  6. Do not call and ask for explicit sex acts and rates. The hostess will hang up on you. Be polite. Be a gentleman. Tip generously. You’ll have the night of your life if you stick to these rules.
  7. Hygiene is important. Make sure you are freshly showered and groomed before your escort arrives. If the girl shows up and you smell like a pig farmer, she may leave. Or you may have to take a shower, on the clock, which is less time you could be spending enjoying your companion.
  8. Be polite. Nobody wants to hang around a jerk, no matter how much money he may have.
  9. Be generous. Escorts love big tips. If you want to be viewed as a VIP, act like it.
  10. Relax. You’re going to have an amazing experience. You deserve it.

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