Top 2 Vegas Strip Clubs

Fisheye view inside the Posh Palace, Treasures Las Veags

What are the Top 2

Strip Clubs in Las Vegas?

There are so many options when it comes to strip clubs in Vegas, it’s difficult to state which 2 are the best.  It really depends on what you are looking for.  We’ve broken it down into the types of clubs our customers most often request.

Top 2 Vegas Strip Clubs for Bachelor Parties

Our first choice would have to be  Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club.  The party scene here is fantastic.  The smoking hot girls keep the energy high and this massive world-famous Vegas strip club never disappoints.  The service here is top notch so your large group of revelers won’t be waiting long for their next round of drinks.  The guaranteed round trip limo service is a great bonus as well. Nothing worse than having to hail a cab at the end of your celebration.

Coming in a respectable second would be Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club.  The main draw for bachelor parties here is that there are bachelorette parties on the second floor watching the male revue.  Get the girls to the rooftop nightclub and dance the night away with an epic view of the Vegas skyline.  You both have free limos to your hotels, so why not party the rest of the night with your new friends.

Top 2 Vegas Strip Club for Couple’s Date Night

Hands down the most couple friendly strip club in Las Vegas is Treasure’s Gentlemen’s Club.  The club atmosphere is warm and inviting with wood paneling and leather accents.  There are several tables in nooks and cranny’s where you can have a more intimate experience with your partner. Don’t get us wrong, Treasures gets rocking, it’s just designed so that you can get away from the party if you want to talk or relax. In many clubs, you’re stuck in the onslaught of strobe lights, lasers, and overwhelming sound. Not so at Treasures.  You’ll also find that Treasures runs specials to attract couples.  If you’ve never experienced the Treasure’s Four Star Steakhouse, put it on your list!

Hustler’s Gentlemen’s club is another good choice, especially if you want to see both sexes of entertainers. The Kings of Hustler perform Thursday through Sunday. There is also an open rooftop that has amazing views of the strip and often features a live DJ, providing a traditional nightclub vibe.

Top 2 Vegas Strip Clubs for Bachelorette Parties

If you want to see guys and girls in the same venue, Hustler is a great choice. If any of your party aren’t all that comfortable with “strippers” of either sex, they can always spend the majority of their time on the rooftop nightclub talking to cute guys, dancing, or taking in the scenery.

Olympic Garden is another great choice, boasting a male revue on the second floor, Thursday through Sunday.  OGs underwent a major renovation over the holidays last year and is back in business with an updated look.  This is the only strip club on the strip and the price is right.

You Tell Us

What are you looking for most in a strip club? And what are your favorites here in Las Vegas?

Whichever club you decide, just call us for the latest prices, best deals, and always two way limo.

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