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Fireworks on Las Vegas Boulevard during New Years Eve celebrations

2020 challenged us in so many ways. Everyone wants to celebrate ringing in 2021 and give 2020 a swift kick in the ass on the way out the door, right?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of revelers travel to Las Vegas to ring in the New Year in style. Don’t expect this year to compare to the Las Vegas NYE celebrations from the past.

What to Expect

First off, there will be no large fireworks show. Yes, the strip will be open to pedestrians, but we expect numbers to be down significantly.

Forget about the Strip Clubs

The strip clubs are either closed, or operating under COVID-19 protocols, which means no dancers, no lap-dances, and masks. It’s more like a bikini-bar scene with very expensive drinks. 1 out of 5 stars, would not recommend. Also on NYE we normally don’t recommend the gentlemen’s clubs anyway. The strip is closed to transportation, and just get to the club and back can take several hours due to traffic and detours. You’re better off staying put and booking strippers for an in-room party.

The Nightclubs Will Disappoint

Again, with the pandemic protocols in place, the nightclubs will be over-priced lounges.

*Revised Format: Socially Distant Lounge Experiences

…For instance, some clubs have temporarily transformed from nightclubs into socially distant lounge experiences…

  • There isn’t any general admission or a guest list, so the only people allowed in the venue are those purchasing a table.
  • Social distancing measures and capacity restrictions are in place.
  • Because seating is limited, reservations are required…
  • The number of guests at each table is strictly enforced…
  • There’s no dance floor…
  • It’s not a club…


No big-name DJs are allowed to host shows. There will be social distancing and masks enforced. You will have to reserve a table with bottle service at a steep premium just to get in the door. And if the venue of your choice is not located in your hotel, you’ll be looking at a long slog down the strip, fighting the crowds, just to get to your “party.” Not fun.

What We Recommend

Plan on keeping your itinerary focused on where you are staying. Plan a nice dinner at a restaurant nearby so you won’t have to deal with the traffic and crowds. Find a nice lounge or bar in your hotel to have a few drinks and listen to some good music. Bring the party back to your room and enjoy the company of new friends or watch the celebrations from the balcony.

If you really want to party, get some party girls to come to your room. Just be sure to book in advance, as demand is high and they need plenty of time just to get to your hotel.

How to Recover

If you partied like it was 2020 and are looking to recover the next day, treat yourself to room-service breakfast. You don’t even have to get dressed and you can enjoy an amazing meal in the privacy of your hotel room.

Treat yourself with a sensual body rub. We recommend the nuru massage or tantra experience. Get your body feeling right and your brain will follow.

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