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If you’re hitting the road to Vegas, do yourself a favor and plan a little ok? Get your car serviced, put a case of water in the car for emergencies, and bask in the glory of our Top 5 Vegas Road Trip Survival Tips:


Why You Don’t Want to Drive to Vegas without these Top 5 Tips

Millions of people flock to Vegas each year to bask in the glory of glitz, glamour, and gambling. If you’ve watched any of The Hangover franchise, or are a fan of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, you know that arriving by car is the way to go. Unfortunately, there are few downsides to driving, but with a little knowledge, you can plan and execute a Las Vegas road trip worthy of a feature film adaptation.

#1 Navigation

The first thing you ought to know about driving in Las Vegas is to trust your navigation system. While it may be easy to look at the skyline and say, “Oh, I want to be over there, I’ll just drive in that direction,” you’ll waste a lot of time and potentially get lost.

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