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Olympic Gardens: The Most Fun Las Vegas Strip Club

UPDATE! As of 10/20/2016 Olympic Gardens has closed.

The location has REOPENED under new ownership and rebranded to Peppermint Hippo. Get the full overview here:

Olympic Gardens the Only Stripclub on the Strip

Olympic Gardens, known to locals and Vegas regulars as OGs, boasts that it’s the only stripclub on the strip.  While this may be true in a literal sense, unless you are at the far North End of Las Vegas Boulevard, don’t plan on walking unless you’ve got a buffet trip you’re looking to burn off.  But not to worry, WYNLV.com offers free roundtrip limousine service for free.

Olympic Gardens Package

  • Only club on Las Vegas Strip
  • Free roundtrip limo to club*
  • Two drinks for $40 per person
  • No cover
  • Free tables (by availability, usually always)

Most Fun for Your Dollar

The real lure to Olympic Gardens is the fun factor.  Thursday through Sunday, they have male dancers on the second floor for the ladies.  This pull in a lot of Bachelorette Parties, birthday girls, horny college chicks, you get the picture.  The result is that the atmosphere resembles half strip club & half frat party.  If you have a big group, it’s a great way to meet a similar sized group of the opposite sex.  You’re both drunk and horny, and have a free limo to the hotel.  If you can’t close this deal, get out of town!

Exclusive Limo Service

When you book through WYNLV.com, you get access to our exclusive limo service, which is guaranteed to be a high-quality upscale limo every time, AND you will get a ride back any hotel on the strip (no charge).  Average wait time is 20 minutes and OGs takes about 5-10 minutes to reach from most hotels on the strip.  Last limo leaves Olympic Gardens at 4:30AM so please plan accordingly.

If you book through another provider, you will likely get put into a ghetto shuttle bus.  At the end of your stay, the same busted up “party van” will drop you off at Ceasars.  Not exactly the best customer service. Skip all that and ride in style with free Olympic Garden limo service!

Exterior and Interior

Olympic Garden Las Vegas Strip Club, a classic architecture at the north end of the strip

UPDATE: Olympic Garden’s has been remodeled, and the expeirence is much better.  You can read about the rennoavations here.


Pre-Remodel Review Below

The exterior of the building is classic Vegas styling.  You can tell the building is solid, but getting on in years.  The parking lot could use a resurfacing but really all the excitement is inside.  The setup of this club is ill planned.  When you walk it, they stop you at a desk for cover and ID.  Off to your left is a satellite stage, that is usually empty, except the busiest of weekend nights.  Ignore it.

The club could be jumpin, but you’d never know it standing there deciding whether to depart with your hard earned cash or not. Even on week-nights the place is kickin.  Overall, the club is exactly what you’d have in your mind’s eye when you think of Las Vegas Stripclubs.  It’s just a timeless classic feel that set the standard.

Olympic Garden, the most fun atmosphere for a Las Vegas strip club

Make sure you book through WYNLV.com to get an actual limo, good customer service, and the best deal possible.

OGs Review
  • Talent
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Fun Factor


Update: Olympic Gardens is closed as of 10/20/2016

Olmypic Gardens is getting a little long in the tooth, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on fun. This club constantly produces a great vibe for both bachelor and bachelorette parties. It’s a classic piece of Vegas that is worth the trip. Just don’t expect all the excesses of the mega clubs.