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The Vegas Secret: One Tip to Save Hundreds on your Next Trip to Sin City

Why You Should Never Pay Retail in Las Vegas

Revealed: The House Doesn’t Always Win, and you Don’t Always Have to Lose

You don’t need to be a coupon clipper to save money on your Vegas nightlife outings. One call to a reputable VIP hosting company will open the doors to VIP deals you probably think are too good to be true. But they are real.

The Vegas Secret

Every General Manager in town works very hard to present their establishment as exclusive, trendy, hot, and relevant. It’s a smart tactic as it drives demand and keeps prices high.

But in reality, this is all bull.

There are dozens of upscale clubs and venues in town that are dying for your business. Yes, they would be exclusive if they were the only option in a city of 2 million people. But Vegas is dependent on tourist revenue to keep everything running. Which is why every GM on the strip has a “secret deal” they are willing to offer just to get the numbers up. You just have to know who to ask (Us!)

Ghost Town

If you’ve ever walked into a nightclub and there is nobody there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. GMs are going to make sure that their club is pumpin’ by midnight. That way, when peak traffic arrives, they can easily charge hungry customers that $100 cover and $3000 bottle service “deal.” The clubs then benefit by word of mouth, as you tell your friends and family.

Happy MILF Happy Life

Same thing goes for gentlemen’s clubs. Clubs need dancers to get customers. Likewise, clubs need customers to keep the dancers. Sounds like a Catch 22, right?It is, which is why we can offer a $40 deal to get you a two way limo, table, drinks and more. That GM knows he’s going to take it from behind and like it, just to keep the customers flowing and his stable of girls happy. There are plenty of people that don’t take advantage of services like ours who will compensate for the losses. The girls are happy, savvy customers are happy (You!), and the rest of the customers foot the bill and are happy as well. Everyone wins. This same logic applies to tours, restaurants, shows, and more. You can call all over town and try to get these deals, or you can simply call us and we can set everything up for you.  The cost? $0. You never pay us a dime. VIP Hosting companies get paid by the venues for referring our clients. It’s all covered in the General Manager’s marketing budget. You save, we get paid, the club gets customers. Everyone wins, which is very rarely the case in Las Vegas. [maxbutton id=1]

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