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Here’s the deal:

Fight night is almost here and if you’re looking for a great place to watch the fight without donating a kidney, the strip clubs in Las Vegas are a great bet.

We’re sure you don’t want to drink and drive:

Free limo service is included with every package so you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving.  Best of all, the scenery will be much improved over any other type of venue showing the fight. Try getting a lap dance from the ring girls at the MGM and let us know how it works out. We’ll be in the VIP getting a private dance watching the fight in HD!

VIP Seats Still Available for the Fight:

If you need tickets to the Mayweather Pacquiao fight and have $8K plus to drop on a seat, give us a call we still have a few left for our VIP customers.

Now for the clubs:


Showgirls, as you have probably heard, if offering the winner of the fight free lap dances for life. There’s a rumor that some of the dancers will be getting tatoos of the fighter who wins. Personally, not a fan of tats, especially on pretty girls but hey whatever.

Anyway, Showgirls is offering a fight package for $250 per person that includes limo service only. Drinks are extra.  Book early it’s going to sell out and if you call 15 minutes before the fight you’re going to be out of luck.


Sapphire usually has good fight night parties. However for the Mayweather Pacquiao Fight, they are already sold out. Book early next time!


Treasures will not be showing the fight this weekend. Which is a good thing if you don’t give a damn about boxing and want to see some very fine ladies. All the clubs showing the fights will be jammed full asses to elbows and the rates will be jacked through the roof. Personally, I’d watch the fight at a local sports bar or buy the PPV then get a free limo to Treasures afterwards.

Whether you want to book a package at Showgirls or Hustler, or want a quick pickup to a strip club after the fight, just give us a call, we’ll hook it up!

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