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Superbowl Parties at Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs

2021 Super Bowl Parties in Las Vegas

Every year we help visitors find the perfect Super Bowl party in Las Vegas. Usually, this means referring our readers to the Gentlemen’s Club that’s doing it big that year. Right now, due to the pandemic, the strip clubs in Las Vegas are running a watered-down version of what guest would normally expect. It’s basically a bikini bar with expensive drinks, no dances, no VIP room action. Basically, the strip clubs right now are a bust.

Our Recommendation for a Super Bowl LV Party in Las Vegas

All the normal venues are going to be capacity limited due to COVID 19 protocols in Las Vegas. This means strip clubs, night clubs, lounges, and sportsbooks will have to restrict reservations in order to comply.

In order for these venues to make money, they’re going to be forced to jack up the prices or enforce high drink minimums to reserve a spot.

Splurge on Lodging

Caesar's Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

You Need a Home Base for Your Adventures

Because you may end up spending a lot of time in the room, chip in and get a nice suite. All the major resort casinos have steeply discounted rates due to low demand. Right now Caesars has their Forum Tower Duplex Suite for about a grand per night. This seems like a lot, but considering how much you’re going to be saving on drinking at nightclubs and strip clubs, it’s a steal. The suite is luxurious, has a great view, sleeps four, and will impress any company that may join you for an evening of revelry.

Amazing Living Room in the Forum Duplex Suite at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

The living room is baller. A great place to entertain, party, relax, recover, or just check out the view. There’s two king bedrooms upstairs with amazing bathrooms as well. If you happen to meet some people during your stay, they’ll be impressed when you open the front door! If you have a large group, pitch in on the suite, then everyone else can get regular rooms as close as possible. Then you can meet up at the suite as a home base for pre party or reconvene there at the end of the night for nightcaps.

You can employ this strategy at any of the major hotels with suites. To learn more, check out our In-depth guide to Caesar’s Palace.

Caesar's Palace Foutains

6 Magnificent Things That Make Caesars Palace Iconic

Ask almost anyone with knowledge of Las Vegas and they will tell you Caesars Palace is possibly the most popular hotel & casino currently still in business. If you don’t know anything about Las Vegas, you might be wondering why is it so iconic? We’ve outlined six reasons that might answer this question for you.

To Airbnb or Not to Be?

Bachelor Party Airbnb with pool Las Vegas

Right now is a great time to consider renting a high-end Airbnb for your Super Bowl party, especially if your group aren’t big gamblers and don’t foresee partaking in the casino amenities much. For a few hundred dollars a night you can get a decked out vacation rental near the strip with a pool, spa, sleeping for 8 or more.

Key tips to renting an Airbnb for a Super Bowl Party:

  • Just because a property sleeps 16 doesn’t mean you can cram 16 guys in the rental. People need their space, so try to get one full bedroom per guest if possible. Again, just like the suite strategy, you can book the Airbnb as a home base, and others can get their own private accommodations and meet up for group time.
    Don’t tell the property host you’re throwing a party. Even if it’s the tamest affair in the history of  Super Bowl parties, many hosts will simply refuse to rent to you. If you are asked, the purpose of your stay is business. Here’s a calendar of the biggest trade shows, so you can add a little authenticity to your story: Las Vegas Convention Calendar
  • Don’t be a jerk. Just because you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, that doesn’t mean you need to trash the place. You may be flagged and prevented from renting properties on the platform in the future. Plus you may get hit with fines and cleaning fees. Just leave it nicer than you found it and you’ll be fine.
  • Don’t lie about your group size. These property owners have neighbors and if they see 20 guys unloading for a house rental with a capacity of 4, you’ll get hit with extra guest fees, or be asked to leave with no refund. You want to be comfortable, lodging is super cheap right now, splurge a little and get room for everyone, it’s the best investment in this trip you can make.
  • Budget for transportation. Uber rides and taxis have social distancing protocols in place, so getting a group of 10 guys to the strip and back is going to cost you. In fact, for medium to large groups, it’s cheaper to rent a party limo.
Amazing music and effects

Superbowl House Party

Every successful party night needs four things:

  • Music
  • Refreshments
  • Entertainment
  • Party People

If you followed our advice and rented a high-end suite or nice Airbnb, then odds are you have access to a decent sound system. Simply connect your phone or laptop and roll your favorite Spotify playlist. You don’t need a professional DJ, just play a nice house or dance mix and your music will put everyone in a good mood.

Liquor Delivery

Liquor World huge selection and delivery

For refreshments, we recommend getting it delivered. You have enough on your plate, you don’t want to be hauling cases of beer and boxes of liquor up the elevator, right? Luckily, our friends at Liquor World have you covered with a huge selection and great customer service. The prices are great too, especially with free delivery.

A few tips:

  1. Don’t forget the ice
  2. You may want to add on bar supplies, such as shakers, straws, lemons, etc
  3. Tips are never expected but if you get great service show the driver a little love. If you need to re-up, they’ll remember you!
Liquor World Cigars

Liquor World

195 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 262-9100


If you had a casino / poker night earlier in the trip you can repurpose you dice and playing cards in to popular drinking games. However if you want to take it up a notch, consider getting a couple of board games from a local thrift shop or department store. Twister anyone?

Twister Ultimate is the best party game

You can also get a decent folding table at Walmart for around $35 that works great for beer pong. Just don’t forget the balls and cups! If you want to be super legit, you can rent an official beer pong table from Las Vegas Party Rentals.

Rent a beer pong table for your Las Vegas bachelor party

What happens if you throw a party and nobody shows up? That’s sad. But fret not, you have solutions!


If you’re trying to recreate a nightclub experience in your suite or vacation rental, you’re going to need to invite some people over, otherwise, it’s just you and the boys. And while getting turnt with the crew is always a good time, it’s much more fun if you meet new people (aka hot girls).

If you have an outgoing and charming member of your group, you can have him approach potential prospects and invite them to your party. You need to get phone numbers or they’ll simply forget, get lost, have to do their hair, etc. Or you can make up some professional looking invites and hand them out. Just make sure they understand they can’t show up with 15 dudes expecting to drink for free!

Custom Invitation Card to Super Bowl LV

Your other option combines entertainment and attendees into one package. If you feel like inviting strangers to your Super Bowl party is weird or makes you uncomfortable, considering the alternative.

For a few hundred bucks, you can hire strippers to perform at your Super Bowl party. While we don’t offer the service directly, we’ve partnered with a company that’s been around for a long time with a great reputation. You get hot girls to come party, and you don’t have to pay anything unless you approve.

This is as close as you’ll come to a strip club experience during the shutdown. And from our client’s feedback, it’s superior in many ways.

We wrote a whole article about it:

Shayla likes to dance and is a top stripper in Las Vegas

13 Vital Tips for Hiring Private Strippers to Your Room in Las Vegas

Advantages of Hiring Strippers to Your Room In Las Vegas

Hot, Wet & Wild

Strippers can do a lot more in your hotel room including get fully nude. Want to watch two hot strippers take a bubble bath in the amazing jacuzzi tub in your suite? No problem! Try getting that at a club.

Want girl on girl action? Or want to watch girls play with sex toys? You can get all that in the privacy of your luxury suite.

Closing Thoughts

We all face new challenges in light of the global pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating important life moments. Your family and friends matter the most, so spend time with them before time passes you by.

With a little planning, you can still throw an extraordinary Super Bowl party in Las Vegas. We hope we’ve inspired you with some fresh ideas and that your trip is a success.

Just remember, if you feel stuck or overwhelmed, just give us a call and we can help take the burden and stress away from planning and executing a perfect Super Bowl party.

We wish you safe travels and good health. Hope to see you soon!

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2018 Super Bowl Parties in Las Vegas

Missing Event Data

Superbowl 2016

Superbowl XLIX at a Vegas Gentlemen's Club

2016 Super Bowl Events

Looking to hit a club and mix football fun with frisky females? We have the low down on which parties are hopping. Don’t like to read?

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club Big Game Party

Sapphire sells out every Super Sunday, so contact us ahead of time to get your tickets. We’re offering the following packages:

#1 Main Room Table Seating $75/Guest

  • Free Limo to club
  • Cover included
  • 1 Super Sunday Entry
  • Main Room table seating
  • Massive HD screen & Digital audio
  • Tailgater buffet
  • Prizes and drawings

#2 VIP Showroom or Main Room Booth

  • Free Limo to club
  • Entry to Showroom for UFC 183
  • Cover included
  • 1 VIP Super Sunday Entry
  • Exclusive VIP Seating
  • Massive HD screen & Digital audio
  • VIP tailgater buffet
  • VIP Prizes and drawings

For bottle service call for quote!

Olympic Gardens

OGs usually throws good events and Super Sunday is no exception. Their deal is slightly more affordable.

OGs Super Sunday Package $50 per Guest

  • Free transportation to the club
  • OPEN BAR on Coors Light, Kettle One, & Jack
  • Free raffle and prizes.
  • Limos start at noon
  • Promotion runs until 6pm (at which time it reverts to the standard $33 for two drinks deal)

Hustler Gentleman’s Club

Hustler is giving you a chance to win $1,000,000 on Superbowl Sunday. There’s no details on their site but if we had to guess, it’s usually some long shot prop bet that pays off. Like if the receiving team takes the opening kickoff or second half opening kickoff for a touchdown they pull your ticket from the raffle box and you win.  We’re waiting to get more details on this one and will update here as soon as they come in.

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