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How to Celebrate your Anniversary in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not only a popular destination for weddings, it also offers a ton a great options for celebrating an anniversary.  We’re going to outline a few great activities that will make your celebration one to remember without costing a fortune.

Ballroom Dancing

Don’t know how to dance? No problem!  Our friends over at Rhythm Dancers offer free dance lessons. Their specialty is Ballroom dancing and have awesome instructors that will have your two left feet dancing in step in no time.

Renew Your Vows

Don’t go the cliche route and hit a strip mall wedding parlor.  A couple of index cards and your imagination will make the moment more meaningful, and the money you save can be spent on dinner! Head to your favorite Vegas landmark and read your wedding vows to each other.  Top spots: Bellagio Fountain, top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris hotel, or hit the High Roller observation wheel for a private cabin and unequaled view of the city.


Take the time to relax on your trip. Too many people hit the ground in Vegas and don’t stop until they are exhausted. Don’t make that mistake. The Hotel, an upscale hotel within a the hotel at Mandalay Bay has an awesome spa.  The Bathhouse is a sight to behold with slate walls, waterfalls, multiple pools and private spas. Go ahead and splurge on a spa package or just stop by for a massage. It will be the best money spent during your trip.

Dinner and a Show

Get pampered with free round trip VIP limo to Treasures Steakhouse and Gentlemen’s club.  This club is our top pick for couples.  The couple’s package includes two steak dinners, cover, two way limo, VIP entry with table all for around $100. Not $100 each, $100 total. Or skip the dinner and skip straight to the show for $40 each. The girls at Treasures know how to help a couple turn up the heat without making the experience awkward or uncomfortable for you or your spouse. Go for it, we won’t tell!

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