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Several Las Vegas Strip Clubs Agreed to Raise Prices

Over the past month, the strip clubs in Vegas have been fiddling with their pricing.  Up… Down…  In & Out??

Business must be down for the year, because with few exceptions, they raised their prices by $5 to $8 for the two drink minimum.

Hustler was all over the map.  They decided to move to a $30 cover with no drinks for a couple weeks, and focus on local customers.  Obviously it didn’t last.  Local customers are great, but if you can’t draw vacationers from the strip, might as well get out of business.  They finally settled at $33 for two drinks.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

Rumor has it, from several unreliable sources, that several of the club owners got together and decided on the new pricing structure.  This conspiracy theory got people talking, but there’s likely no substance to the account.  Even if this tall tale were true, all it takes is for one or two clubs to break ranks, and the herd will follow.  Which is why they all end up at very similar prices in the first place.


Strip Club Package Pricing

The key thing to take away from the pricing volatility is that as long as you have a trusted professional service to keep tabs on the latest deals, you don’t need to worry about it too much.  Yes the two drink minimum may fluctuate $5-$10 over the course of the year, but honest companies like WYNLV.com stake their name on providing their clients with the latest information and best deals.

The best way is to just give us a call: (702) 905-1054  That way you can talk directly to a Vegas pro who knows where to go, how much to pay, and who has the best service.

Whichever club you choose, WYNLV.com is happy to help you have the best Las Vegas Strip Club experience possible.

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