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Top 10 Travel Tips for Las Vegas

10 Things You Need to Know for your Las Vegas Vacation

Everyone who visits Las Vegas should be informed in advance to avoid wasting time and money.  These simple tips can make your trip more fun and less expensive.

  1. Every price is negotiable.  Whether it be tickets to a show, cover charge for a club, a limo rental, or bottle service, if you know what you are doing you can get these things at a steep (50% or greater) discount.  There are a number of reputable companies that can help you with this.
  2. Have a budget and stick to it.  Seems like common sense, but when the drinks start flowing and people are caught up in the moment, bad decisions can lead to financial disaster.  One idea is to plan the more expensive events towards the end of the trip. That way if you’re feeling financially pinched, you can cancel one or the other and still have money to make it home.
  3. There is a ton of free and inexpensive stuff to do in Vegas.  There’s more to this town than gambling and strip clubs.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes.  Even if you take taxis or limos to every venue you wish to visit, everyone logs a lot of miles just getting in and out of the casino hotels.  The casinos are designed to maximize your walk path through as many opportunities to extract you money as possible.  There are some venues where you will be forced to walk through a quarter mile of shops, just to reach your destination.
  5. Bonus tip:  ladies, get a pair of inexpensive ballet slippers or flip flops.  You can slip them on for long walks, then put on your stilettos once you reach the club.  It is very difficult to appear sexy if you are hobbled by foot blisters and sore feet.
  6. If you decide to wear flip flops, which feel great in the Vegas heat, make sure you’ve worn them consistently before your trip.  Otherwise, the skin between your big and index toe will be rubbed raw.  A little petroleum jelly helps as a preventative measure, but your best bet is to just wear them around the house leading up to your trip.
  7. Be wary. Do not pay for promotional items on the strip.  You will be approached every 10 feet by a promoter trying to get you into a limo, or to put a wristband on you, or hand you a card featuring a naked girl.  Don’t get into an unfamiliar limo, you don’t have any control on where you will end up, and how much it will cost.  The promoters with wristbands get paid for each customer they ‘tag’ who pays entry to their affiliated club.  Some scammers will try to sell these wristbands to you, claiming free entry and free drinks or bottle service.  Never pay for wristbands. Another scam is to charge for VIP guestlist ticket at a nightclub.  This is a free service offered by most VIP hosting companies in Vegas. Another tip: you might as well let the promoter put the wristband on you and go about your business.  It will save you the hassle of dealing with the other 20 promoters working out of the same club.  Most of them will notice your band and ignore you.  Those that approach you will disappear with a quick flash of the band on your wrist.
  8. If you want to sample multiple clubs in order to find one you like without paying a cover charges over and over, a pub crawl might be for you.
  9. Many people believe that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  With the proliferation of camera and video enabled smart phones, this is patently false.  If you plan to run for public office, or just don’t want to embarrass your mother, assume someone is filming you at all times.
  10. Vegas is also know as “Sin City.”  Yes there is access to illegal activities to suit any taste.  Just keep in mind, you are still breaking the law.  The T.V. show “Cops” has a constant presence on the strip, and the officers are more than happy to give you fifteen minutes of fame.  (See Tip #9)